3 Logo Design Tips for Law Firm Logos

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Are you starting a new law firm or your own law practice? Make sure to take time to build your brand. Creating an appealing law firm logo can ensure you are sending the right messages to your clients. There are many points to consider when creating a new logo as an attorney or lawyer starting a practice or firm. We have listed the top 3 points any lawyer needs to take into account when creating a law firm logo.

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Choosing a Logo Color

Logo color is important because it speaks to your target audience and communicates to them your brand message. Will you be working for families, consumers, workers, or corporations? Do you want to be understood by your clients and the public as a strong litigator or be seen as a trustworthy partner that will guide them through the process? Be sure to read more on choosing the best logo color here.

Choosing a Logo Font

Another point to consider is the font used for your logo. You want a distinctive image that represents you in the best light. The best law firm logos are the ones that have fonts that represent your firm’s mission. You have the option of choosing modern fonts or classical fonts for your law firm logo. Modern fonts come across as innovative and modern. Classical fonts come across as dependable and traditional. Choose your law firm logo font appropriately. Read more about fonts in our other post here.

Consider Where a Logo will be Used

One of the biggest design points to keep in mind is which formats your logo will be used. Your law firm logo needs to look proper regardless of where you will be using it. Since you will be using it on your website, make sure that it does not have extremely elaborate symbols where it may be hard to decipher through a computer screen. Make sure your logo looks proper in black and white because there may be times where printers cannot print in color for your stationary, including business cards and other files.

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Ready to Get Your Logo?

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