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A font can make or break your logo. You probably know to steer clear of oft-mocked fonts like Comic Sans, but that doesn’t make your decision any easier: there are thousands of options out there. Luckily, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to train your eye to catch great potential fonts – that’s what the Internet is for! Here are four tools to help you find right font for your brand.

1. For every web-based font you could possibly need: Google Fonts


All hail Google Fonts. Their directory is home to a whopping 818 fonts, all easily searchable. There are filters for serif versus sans serif, and for fonts with multiple styles (bold, italic, thin, etc.). Best of all, you can type directly into each display box to preview what your font will look like. Every font on Google Fonts is also web-friendly, meaning that you don’t have to mess around with uploading font files – just paste the embed code into your style sheet.

2. For a match made in typography heaven: Font Pair


Font Pair does exactly what it sounds like: pairs beautiful fonts together. Your logo design should only feature one main font, but you’ll likely need another font for secondary text, or for general use on your website. That’s where Font Pair comes in. It works with Google Fonts, and you can choose various serif, sans serif, and cursive combinations. All text is editable, so you can immediately preview what a font pairing would look like for your content. It’s easy to find the right font with tools like these.

3. For identifying your dream font: Font Matcherator


Ever seen a font out in the wild and just thought, “Wow” ? Now, you can just grab a screenshot and upload it to Font Matcherator and get started on using it for your own logo. If you do this enough, you’ll be well on your way to recognizing the most popular fonts by sight!

4. For creating your own font: FontStruct and Calligraphr


We have to include a disclaimer here. The art of creating a font is a very complicated process, and unless you’re an experienced graphic or type designer, we don’t recommend that you create your own font for your logo. That said: it’s a lot of fun to do. With Calligraphr, you can create a font out of your own handwriting, and FontStruct lets you build your own with geometric shapes.

So you’ve picked the perfect fonts… now what?

Time to get the rest of your logo going! Try our free logo maker and customize your font, image, color and style. Between these font tools and our logo maker, you’ll be well on your way to iconic logo that’s perfect for your business.


Ready to Get Your Logo?


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