5 Logo Design Tips for Beginners

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“Where do I begin?” You may ask yourself this question in the beginning stages of designing a new logo for your business. Many business owners, self-employed workers, community members, and more undergo this thought process. Thankfully, this does not have to happen to you. There are many resources out there that can help you with logo design and creation. These resources can show you how to make a good logo while also making the design and creation process easy. Continue reading for proven logo design tips for creating a new logo.

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Here are 5 logo design tips for beginners that can help you kick-start your creative logo design process:

Pick Logo Colors

One of the best logo design tips out there is to pick your logo colors. If you do not know where to begin, a great place to start is simply narrowing down the main colors you would like your logo to be. You can read our blog on choosing the best logo colors for more information. Would you like your logo to be blue and white? Or have various shades of blue? Color is important for many reasons. Food companies like to use red and yellow because those colors can make viewers hungrier. What do your logo colors make viewers? Do you want to broadcast a logo that is calm and soothing? Exciting and loud? Stern and knowledgeable? Pick logo colors that match what tone you would like to show through your logo. Choosing your main logo colors puts you in the right position to start figuring out other parts of your logo design, such as typography and icon style, and overall design. Keep reading for more logo creation tips.

Get Inspiration from Famous Logos

Another great logo design tip is to get inspiration from other great logos. Designers do not always get their ideas from thin air. In fact, it is almost impossible to form an idea without being influenced by something. In order to create something from scratch, you will need inspiration from other people and/or designs you admire. Analyze famous logos that have been around for a while. To find some, simply ask a search engine. You will probably find that a lot of these logos are familiar to you. You can even look around your town or magazines that you own or have access to. Every day you are surrounded by good design; you just have to be aware enough to notice. These designs that surround you in your everyday life have already gone through this exact process that you are experiencing. Allow the designs to provide unspoken tips for logo design. Be sure to also take a look at your favorite logos as well. See how they are designed and what makes them unique. Why do you like these specific logos? Is it the color, line thicknesses, or font? There are reasons that these logos are able to stand the test of time. By looking at these other logos, you will get a better understanding of how you can design your logo and what aspects you would like your logo to have. Looking at these logos should also help you get a feel for what you do not like in a logo. Follow along for more tips for making a logo.

Pick a Common Theme for your Logo Design

Picking a common theme is an important one of the tips for creating a logo. Depending on the type of industry your company or group is operating in, you can pick a logo design category to help narrow your focus. If you are using an online logo maker, you can narrow your logo design by choosing a specific category, such as abstract logos, attorney & law logos, or landscaping logos. This method speeds up the logo design process if you do not have the time or resources to create a logo design from scratch. The reason that you want to pick a common theme for your logo is that adding too many unrelated elements or graphics to your logo can make it confusing or disorienting. Only add things that go with your theme. Do not add elements that do not make sense and do not add more elements than you need. Most times, simple is best. Keep reading for more tips for designing a logo.

Draw Logo Samples on Paper

Instead of searching for various logo ideas on your computer screen, try drawing your logo ideas on white paper. Drawing is a great method that will allow you to fully hash out your ideas simply because it is easy to draw various design elements without being constrained by your computer. You can erase, sketch, and let your ideas flower without any limitations. This usually leads to great logo designs. Do not be afraid if you view your sketches as not good or underdeveloped. Getting them down on paper is getting the ideas out of your head. You do not have to be a fantastic drawer in order to show your idea. It is much easier for an idea to come to life if it is on paper than if it is in your head. The best part about putting your ideas down on paper is that you can edit them infinitely. While it might be hard to carry a laptop everywhere and be able to make last-minute changes, paper improves upon this. You could be waiting in your car in the drive-through line and be able to edit your design. You could be in a waiting room or waiting to pick your kids up from school. Paper gives you the flexibility to work on your logo anywhere and at any time. Even holding up your sketches to a mirror allows your brain to look at it in a different way that could prove beneficial. Just remember, if you are getting frustrated or feel like you are hitting a wall, simply put your paper down for a time and take a break. This will allow your brain to think about your design in a way that is less intrusive. After a small break, coming back to it could prove to be very helpful. Continue reading for the last of the designing a logo tips.

Get Colleague and Customer Input

One of the most important steps you can take if you are stuck in the middle of your logo design process is to ask others what they think about your logo draft. Try to ask friends, family, or individuals whose opinions you value. Ask them for some ideas and see how they think your logo should be designed. You may be surprised at the helpful pointers they can offer. Getting an “outsider’s” point of view can help you in the long run. Take time and evaluate their opinions and see how your ideas can mesh with theirs. But always remember that you are just seeking their input. Just because someone recommends that you add a circle to your design or change the color does not mean that you have to do so. Getting a second opinion is really just a good way to refresh your own view of what you have been staring at. Having someone else look at your design is also a great way to make sure that your logo does not have unintentional implications. No one wants to be accidentally offensive through possible provocative or imaging or words and having someone else look at your design can help prevent this. Overall, listen to what others have to say about your design, but do not worry if you do not agree with them or what to go a different route. It is your design and you can do with it as you would like.

Many business owners think logo design is a tedious process. It definitely does not have to be, especially with access to logo maker. These 5 logo design tips should put you on the right track to creating the perfect logo for your company now that you know how to design a good logo. Logo designing for beginners doesn’t have to be intimidating. An easy way to create a logo is to start with our logo maker and see what logos you can come up with!


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