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There are many tablets available on the market that can be used for graphic design, UX design and specifically, for creating your logo. Every graphic design tablet has different features that might make it better or worse for what you would like to do with it. Most tablets are designed to be used by creatives but there are specific tablets that are more specialized. Nearly all design tablets come with a pen or stylus but not all of them have a built-in screen. All of these features can make it hard to decide what the best tablet for graphic design for you is. When deciding what tablet is best for you, you should consider your budget, if you want a screen, how large you want the tablet to be, and what kind of pen sensitivity you would like.


Most tablets are very versatile and work with both Windows and MacOS. However, there are some tablets that are more limited. If you decide to work with something like an IPad, you won’t need a computer hook up.

An important consideration is what tools and software you will be using. Some tablets are better suited for freestyle drawing with vector design software while others are easier for web and UX design tools.

The best graphic tablets are going to be those with the best and most reviews. Because of their normally high price range, finding the best tablet for graphic design isn’t as easy as buying a bunch and trying them out. Make sure that you put plenty of research into discovering the best graphics tablet before you buy it. On the high end, some of the top tablets can cost multiple hundreds of dollars with some even ranging into the thousands of dollars. On the opposite end, a cheaper tablet can be bought at one hundred dollars or less. Tablets that are smaller and do not have a screen are going to be much cheaper. Those that are very large with built-in screens are normally much more expensive. When you’ve narrowed down your favorite choices of tablet designs, read through its reviews to see what other users like you thought about it. If you have friends or other acquaintances that use a tablet, ask them for their opinions. Even asking a favorite graphic design artist that you follow can provide a lot of insights into the industry.

One of the best brands overall for drawing tablets is the Wacom brand. Wacom specializes in tablets and tablet accessories. They provide a large range of products from items for professionals to beginners. In the field, a Wacom tablet is often considered the best tablet for designers. Although Wacom has some amazing tablets that are very pricy, they also have some baseline models available for a low price while still holding to their company standards.

When making your logo, using a tablet is not necessary when you are working with the right program. If you are going to use a program such as the ones through Adobe or other drawing software, a tablet can be very useful. A graphic design drawing pad is designed to help the user and be an extension of their arm. It allows the user to create as if they are drawing on paper, rather than having to use a mouse or a trackpad. Most tablets also have other built-in features to allow their ease of use for the designer. Although they are really great to use and can be super helpful, it does take time to get used to them and how they respond to touch.

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