Blog Name Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Name

If you’ve made the decision to create a blog, you’ll know just how hard it is to choose your blog name. After all, the best blog names often mean the best search engine ranking. Your blog name is also an important part of attracting an audience so it’s something that needs careful consideration.

When you have a good blog name readers will want to engage and know more. In an ideal world, your blog title will tell your audience a little about what content to expect. Blog names should be researched well so that they not only appeal to potential readers but also so they are easy to create a brand from too. Don’t forget to consider availability of social media handles and domains too.

Having a blog is exciting but it’s really easy to not know where to begin when it comes to naming it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to choosing a blog name.

Link the blog name to your niche

When most people decide to start a blog, they already have a niche idea. When you’ve decided on your niche, it makes it easier to choose a good name for your blog. If your idea is a little more abstract, here are some of the top categories of blogs for your consideration.

Blog names examples for the food niche

Food blogs are popular for a whole host of reasons, whether it’s parents looking for snack ideas, people seeking healthy eating ideas, or someone wanting to try a new recipe. If you’re writing a food-themed blog, you should try to name it geared towards the type of audience you’re targeting.

The popular keto diet blog Sweet As Honey, for example, gives people an idea of the sorts of tasty goodies you can expect to find on the site.


Another great blog with a good title is Sprouted Kitchen. With this blog name, you know instantly that the blog is about good, wholesome, homemade food.


Another great blog with a good title is Sprouted Kitchen. With this blog name, you know instantly that the blog is about good, wholesome, homemade food.


Blog name ideas for lifestyle niche

The lifestyle niche is quite broad so your blog name can really channel your audience to get the right visitors. Some good examples of lifestyle blog names include Love Taza, which is a parenting blog and Wit & Delight, which has a wide scope and audience.


Name example for beauty blogs

A beauty blog is one that covers all things to do with beauty routines, make up, and hair. One successful blog name is Beauty is Boring. With an ironic name like that, potential readers are often intrigued to check it out!


Blog names for travel blogs – examples

Most people love to travel, whether it’s in their own country or elsewhere. If you’re creating a travel blog, you need to thing of something that represents the type of traveling you’re talking about. Are you reaching out to a niche, top-end market? Or are you looking to appeal to gap year students on a budget?

If it’s the latter, a good example of an existing blog would be The Broke Backpacker. With this title, we know immediately that we’re looking at ways of traveling the world on a small budget.

Examples of parenting blog names

Parenting blogs are plentiful but if you think there’s a little untouched or under-developed niche in this field, you’ll need to come up with a great blog name. Existing examples include Danish Mom, which appeals to moms looking for a simple lifestyle, and Lasso the Moon, which is all about taking opportunities and being carefree in parenting.


Beauty Clue – Charm Tastic – Beauty Tulip – Allure Laced – Errorless

Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle Skypass – Lifestyle Allegiance – Lifestyle Void – Lifestyle Above – Life Barefoot

Parenting blogs

Parenting Upgrade – Nimble Parenting – Parenting Tikes – Blink Parenting – Mom Campaign – Mom Uncensored

What should you avoid when thinking who your audience will be

When you know the sorts of people who are going to read your blog, you’ll find naming it much easier. After choosing your niche, thing of subcategories for your content. If your blog is about parenting, for example, you could have subcategories like sleep, feeding, fitness, discipline, etc. Your audience will need to understand the direction of your blog by its title so try and come up with a name that communicates what the blog is going to uncover.

A big part of this is researching your competitors. Look through your social channels and find hashtags to follow then look at others who follow those hashtags to see what sort of things they’re posting. Essentially, you’re getting to know your audience before they become your audience – which makes picking a blog name a lot easier.

Consider your branding when you think of a name

Even though it’s early days and you’re just starting out with ideas for blogger names, it’s important to think about how you could brand your name. Would it be easy to use with a logo maker, for example? Your blog name will be central to everything you do so you should consider the following:

Make sure the blog name idea hasn’t already been taken. It can help to check for copyright or even using a plagarism checker.

Ensure you can make social handles and a domain with the blog name idea.

Come up with a name that you can use well when making a logo.

Chose your blog style

There are lots of different types of blog names out there. Some people opt for an invented name such as an amalgamation of a couple of words or a creative word made with abbreviations. When brainstorming ideas for blog names, try to let your imagination flow and let the ideas ease out.

Some people simply choose to have their blog name as their name or parts of their name like we saw in the example above with Love Taza (Taza is her nickname). If you want to use your name, why not try and link it to your nice. Think about synonyms for your niche and create compounds or a rhyming title.

Lots of people who write blogs try to create a compound name. Here are a couple of good examples that already exist:

-Cupcakes and Cashmere

-Curls and Pearls

Some ideas for your compound name could include alliteration (like Cupcakes and Cashmere), a portmanteau, or a translation into another language for an original, more exotic name.

If you’re still struggling and don’t know where to start, why not try using a blog name generator?

Blog Name Generators

These sites take a few suggestions from your in terms of words and compile them into lists of possible blog names. Using a few relevant words is a good idea for lots of blog name ideas to come up. Here are some popular generators that could help you:

Nameboy – Nameboy is actually a domain generator but it is great for coming up with a blog name idea. It suggests typing in one or two words then comes up with suggestions. When we tried it, we search with the words ‘cuddles’ and ‘coffee’, and it came up with loads of good blog name ideas including ‘My Cuddles Coffee’ and ‘Cuddles, Coffee, Art.

Business Name Generator – we had even better results with this business name generator. We were offered blog name ideas including ‘Coffeeish’, ‘Nourish Coffee’, and ‘Caffeine Cuddles’.

Great Blog Name Ideas for Every Niche

To save you time, here are some pre-generated good blog names to inspire you! Hopefully this blog name ideas list will give you food for thought.

Food blogs

Foodology – Food You – Food Hideout – Food Clever – Foodnest

Fashion blogs

Fashion Pavement – Fashion Hush – Anchor Fashion – Fashion Majestic – Modish Fashion

Travel blogs

Travellia – Travel Iconic – TravelIn – Travelish – Travelgenix

A few things to keep in mind

It can be challenging naming a blog and sometimes it goes wrong! You might think you’ve created a really cool name but others might think it’s unprofessional. Make sure you seek out others’ opinions if you’ve invented a word and get your spelling checked!

One thing to avoid is a cliché. Clichés are a little twee and unoriginal. It won’t make people want to read your blog that’s for sure. You should also avoid something that is hard to spell or complex. If you struggle to read it out loud then it will put your readers off.

You also need to avoid copying someone else’s idea. This is much more likely if you use a blog name generator. When you’ve decided on your name, do some thorough research to see if it already exists elsewhere. You don’t want copyright issues or problems ranking on Google!

Are you ready?

Once you’ve got your title, you’re almost ready to start writing blog posts. But first, you need to build your brand. With your name set, use a logo maker to play around with some ideas. Building your brand is a really fun part, coming up with a great name is probably the hardest!