Character Design Magic: Elevating Logos with Iconic Figures

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When creating a logo, you might be interested in having a character in your logo. When you design a character, it is important to design a good character. Your character can be anything you can imagine. From an animal to a person and more. Your character could even be an avatar of yourself. Keep reading to get some character design tips for your logo characters.

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Consider how your character will relate to your brand or logo. If your company name already has an animal or other character involved such as Butterfly Salon or Jack’s Snacks, then you should probably make the character a butterfly or Jack respectively. Once you have an idea of what type of character you want to design, you need to do a lot of sketches.

Sketching is the first of your character design tips. Character design drawing is the best way to solidify your ideas and start getting them down on paper. The sketches don’t need to be amazing. They are not your final draft. As you do your sketches, be sure to play with your idea. If you are making a butterfly, draw it in many different positions to see what you like best. Play with the design on its wings and more. If you are drawing Jack, figure out what kind of clothes you want him in, what kind of position, and other features such as his face shape, body shape, hair color, eye color, and more. Be sure to try out many different options. What you are planning in your head might be good, but as you sketch you will be able to see if something else might work better.

If you are having a hard time coming up with your own ideas, you can always look online, or talk with friends and family. One of the best character design tips is to think outside the box. It can be easy to get stuck on one idea, but with the help of others, you can come up with new ideas and character designs.

Once you have many sketches you can take a look at them and determine what you like best. Now that you have your ideas on paper, you can start to refine. Good character design is determined by what looks best to the viewer. This starts with your character design ideas and blossoms into the final product. Does one of the butterfly’s wing designs look better with a different position? You can refine your drawing to end up with something that looks great. Be sure to make sure your drawing is in the style that you are wanting as well, if you will be using your exact drawing to make the logo. Tee Luv Men's Cheetos Snack Shirt - Chester Cheetah Mascot  T-Shirt (Heather Orange) (S) : ביגוד, נעליים ותכשיטים

If you aren’t fully happy with your own drawing skills, but you believe that you have a good character design, you can always hire an artist to refine your drawing into the style you are imaginioning.

If you have the skills to animate your own character design, then you can start on the next step. You will need to get your drawings into the computer by either scanning them or taking a picture. Using an animation program, you can start recreating your drawing on the computer. Animation character design can be difficult if you don’t know the program or have little experience using it but there are many apps for designing available.

A great alternative to animating your own character design is to use GraphicSprings. GraphicSprings is a logo maker that is based around its consumers. We provide an easy to use platform to create your very own affordable logo. Our logo maker helps you create your very own ready to use logo in just three steps.

Your first step is to enter the name of your group or company. You can always go back and edit this later. Once you have entered your name, you can continue to the next step of choosing a character or image. GraphicSprings has hundreds of pre-made characters and images that can be used for your logo. These images are divided up into many different categories. You can go through the different categories to figure out what will be closest to your imagioned character design. Once you find an image that you are happy with, you can choose it and move to the last step, editing.

Our logo maker is made to be easy to use. In the editing process, the tools are easy to use and understand. At this step, you can edit your words and your image. Change the font, sizes, colors, and more of your logo. You can even add your own shapes to the design to get it just right.

Overall, it takes a lot of practice to how learn how to design a character well but designing characters can be very rewarding when you see them in your logo or printed. Using our logo maker can help make this process even smoother and get you a wonderful logo in no time.


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