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We love writing about company logo redesigns. Because of the dynamic nature of logos, companies must be able to create appropriate logos that reflect their new strategy and brand. However, not all attempts have been successful. Let’s take a look at some controversial logo redesigns.


Steaming Poo Emoji i.e Hershey’s Chocolate logo:

We all know that simple is always better but this was not the case for Hershey’s. Hershey’s decided to go from a logo that clearly states the name of the company and features their famous Hershey’s Kisses chocolate to a logo that highly resembles the Poo Emoji. And for that, Hershey’s received a lot of Internet backlash. Check out GraphicSprings’ archive of food & drink logos here!


The universally inappropriate London Olympics logo:

When the London 2012 Olympics logo was revealed, the international community was not impressed. This includes Iran, that threatened to boycott the games because the logo resembles the word zion.

The design stirred up more controversy when people said it looked like a Swastika, a symbol historically used as the emblem of the German Nazi Party. Other objections were based on some people seeing it as a comical sex act between The Simpsons. For more information about the controversy stirred up by this logo, click here.


The Pale Radio Shack:

Radio Shack decided to get rid of their recognizable red color and instead use a pale orange, salmon-esque color. The redesign itself is not the issue. The problem is with the color scheme Radio Shack chose.


American Airline’s Tail:

After the merger with U.S Airways, American Airlines decided to redesign its iconic logo. However, the new redesign does not work well on the tail of airplanes. The new design came with red, white, and blue stripes on the tail, which was not as easy to recognize as the iconic AA logo. It was widely rejected that the CEO asked employees to vote on whether or not they want the new design to stay.

In the end, the vote was to keep the new design. By a margin of about 2,000 votes, of about 60,000, employees chose to stay with the new look.


Hipster Ernst & Young:

Ernst & Young is one of the leading Big Four accounting firms that recently attempted to redesign its logo. The new logo however fails to represent E&Y’s dominance in the accounting and consulting market. The color scheme chosen makes it look like a startup or a tech agency. Check out our accounting logos for an appropriate selection.

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