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As a small business owner you want your company to stand out and make a lasting first impression, and as the first thing many people see from you, an impactful logo can go a long way if you have the right visual representing your business. However, creating a logo for your small business that encapsulates its key elements can be a creative challenge. As a small business owner, you should focus on designing a logo that clearly illustrates what your company stands for. In essence, your customers should be able to know what you do just by looking at your logo.

infographic] Small Businesses: Starting Small, Winning Big

There are a many different types of logos, and also many ways to combine image and text. When designing a logo for your small business here are some tips to consider:

  • Study the logo designs of other small businesses in your industry and think about how you want to differentiate from your competition. What aspect of your business is not communicated in the logos of your competitors?
  • Focus on the message. Decide what exactly it is that you want to convey about your small business, and what audience you are trying to target. Read more on how to make your logo stand out.
  • Simple is the name of the game. Logo designs that are clean and concise are easier to digest quickly and thus more memorable. Avoiding too much color or special effects will help in highlighting the key aspect of your logo. Read our blog post on choosing the best logo colors.

As a small business owner, you may be concerned about the price of designing a logo for your company. A cheap option for small businesses is the opportunity to order a professional custom logo design, tailored specifically to your concepts and needs. If you want another alternative, there are small business logo design free tools online. You can dabble with various business logo designs to get a feel for how you want to take the overall direction of your logo.

There are many online logo makers that give you the opportunity to design your small business logo for free. Our logo maker is refreshed daily with new logo graphics and fonts, providing a continually updated variety to choose from. Take advantage of our free logo design for small business owners by using our logo maker. You can also start by viewing our popular logo designs from own free logo generator. We hope you enjoyed our brief logo small business guide.


Ready to Get Your Logo?


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