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Graphic design, in the form that we think of it currently, is a relatively new form of art. While painting and sculpting have been around for a long time, graphic design has only recently come into play. While it is a newer form, graphic design has been quick to take over a large part of our lives. You can find graphic design artwork in posters, magazines, book layouts, book covers, advertisements of all kinds, and much more. Because of this, most famous designers got their start as magazine designers. Continue reading to learn about six of the famous graphic designers.

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Saul Bass

Famous Graphic Designers.org discusses Saul Bass’ influence on the graphic design world. Bass is well known as one of the top graphic designers because of how he revolutionized title sequences by adding movement and helping them to tell a story instead of having a still frame of the title. In addition to working on motion picture title sequences, he also helped create corporate logos and movie posters. Some of his most famous logos are for Kleenex, Girl Scouts, and Continental Airlines. Some of the title sequences for movies that he created include The Man with the Golden Arm, Psycho, North by Northwest, Vertigo, The Shining, Casino, and Anatomy of a Murder.

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is regarded as one of the most famous graphic designers because of her work revolutionizing the graphic design industry. Throughout her career, Scher worked as a layout artist for children’s books, an album cover designer, creative director, and more. Famous Graphic Designers.org discusses her career. While in her career, she created a typography sequence and many other things. Some of her most famous pieces include the Windows 8 branding, The Metropolitan Opera logo, the Citibank logo, The Public Theater logo, and the Tiffany & Co. logo.

David Carson

David Carson is a contemporary, experimental famous graphic designer who influenced the market heavily in the 1990s. Famous Graphic Designers.org talks about his works. Nearly all of Carson’s graphic design career has been involved in magazines. He has worked for the magazines Self and Musician, Transworld Skateboarding, Beach Culture, and Ray Gun. In most cases, he would create designs and layouts before becoming the art director of the magazines. Currently, he has his own design firm and is working with major corporate clients.

Susan Kare

Famous Graphic Designers.org reviews many graphic design artists and one of them is Susan Kare. She was known for her creative vision and made her career out of designing icons for the early software companies, starting with being an original member of the Apple Macintosh design team. Kare created many graphics and fronts during her time. Some of her designs and, with modifications, are still being used. Some of her most notable work was creating the Chicago, Monaco, and Geneva typefaces. After her time with Apple, she moved on to work with NeXT where she created more icons and other designs.

Paul Rand

Paul Rand is one of the well known graphic designers. Famous Graphic Designers.org discusses his career. Rand began his journey doing page design for the magazines Apparel Arts (now GQ) and Esquire-Coronet. He eventually became an art director. After that work, Rand became well known for creating corporate logos. Some of his logo works include the logos for Enron, NeXT, IBM, ABC, and UPS.

April Greiman

April Greiman is considered one of the famous graphic design artists because of her work and involvement with technology. As computers became a larger part of society, most graphic designers shied away from them. Greiman instead embraced them and allowed them to become an integral part of her work. Throughout her career, Greiman has worked by founding Made in Space, being the head of design departments, teaching, publishing for magazines, and more. Famous Graphic Designers.org says that, “Her invaluable contribution to graphic design had the American Institute of Graphic Arts present her with the Gold Medal for lifetime achievement.”

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser was a famous graphic designer who had his artwork displayed in many places. One of his most famous works is the I ♥ NY logo that he designed. He co-founded Pushpin Studio and he also established New York Magazine and remained the art director and president for many years. He also founded his own firm, Milton Glaser, Inc. Throughout his years, he had many corporate clients and he was also a part of many art boards and panels. Famous Graphic Designers.org says that, “He received the 2004 National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement and in 2009 US President Barack Obama presented him the National Medal of Arts.”

While there are many great graphic design artists, there is not one most famous graphic designer. These six individuals have had a huge impact on the world through their artwork. They pioneered and paved the way for many to follow after them. You too can create your own art and design graphically. If you want to create a logo but aren’t sure where to begin, GraphicSprings is the place for you. Our logo maker is an affordable and easy way to begin creating your own graphic pieces. Using our logo maker, within three easy steps you can have your logo complete and ready to use.

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