Thoughts About Green Logos: Benefits & Drawbacks of Green

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Deciding on a logo is a big deal. What do you want it to look like? What color do you want it to be? There are many options out there that you will have to choose from. And you want to choose well. Your logo will represent your company and help to set you apart from everyone else. This is definitely something to put some thought into. If you are needing a different perspective throughout this process, be sure to ask a trusted friend or family member for their thoughts. You could ask them for ideas, what they think about your color choices, or your logo itself. For just the logo font, you will have to choose between script fonts, serif fonts, and sans serif fonts. There are many options out there and finding the right one for your company or group can really set you apart.

For logo icons, not only do you have to worry about the color but you have to worry about the design. Do you want to have a circle logo? Perhaps an abstract one? What you do with your icon will directly correlate with your company and the image that you are wanting to provide to your consumers. Your image may have everything to do with your group or it may just represent you as a mascot of sorts. That is for you to decide. Deciding on your primary color for your design is a great first step. Once you decide on everything else, you will be good to go. But first, let’s learn more about green. Keep reading to learn more about green logos, what other colors they go well with, what the color green means, famous green logos, and how to create your own green logos with our logo maker.

Meaning of the Color Green


Green can be found all over our Earth in the form of plants. Trees, grass, vines, flowers, vegetables, and so much more. They all have some green and are the reason that our planet is mostly green.. Humans have taken this fabulous color and integrated it into other areas of our lives. One of the ways that it has been integrated is in logos that represent different companies and groups. But what does green actually mean and why would someone choose this color?

VeryWellMind talks about the color green and the many meanings behind it. It says that green can be associated with nature, tranquility, money, luck, health, envy, environmental awareness, physical illness, creativity, and fertility of the earth and women. Green is on the cooler end of the color spectrum, meaning that it is more calming and not as warm. If any of these attributes listed out would work well to describe your company or group, then green might be the right color for your logo.


Unfortunately, some of these items as opposites of each other such as health and physical illness or envy and tranquility. The main way to work around this is to make sure that your green logo also represents what your company is about so that customers don’t have to guess.

Colors that Work with Green


Do you need a secondary color to add to your design? You’re in luck. Green is a secondary color that is created with a combination of blue and yellow. Because of this, green looks good with yellow and blue. Green also pairs well with purple, violet, pink, brown, red, white, and more. When picking a secondary color to add to your logo icon or font, any of these colors could work but it will depend on the exact shade of green that you choose. Combinations of green and brown or green and yellow are much more earthy and cause the viewer to think of more natural things. These could be good combinations for a company that is based outside or deals with the Earth. Green and pinks or purples work well together as a more lovely, feminine feel. Companies that are female based or companies that deal with flowers would be well represented by these color combinations. Green and red often work well together to represent food groups or companies. Red is almost always used in connection with food. Green provides the balance to the red and the tie to being natural. Green and white work well together because they are so bright against each other.

Famous Green Logos

Green logos are very popular and a wide range of companies have adopted the color. Some of the companies with green logos are more animal and nature-based such as Animal Planet and John Deere. Others are food-based such as Wholefoods, Tropicana, Starbucks Coffee, 7 Eleven, Subway, Monster, Tic Tac, and Sprite. The last group is more entertainment-based such as Holiday Inn, Hulu, Xbox, Spotify, Android. There are many other famous green logos, this was just a small collection of well-known green logos. This wide variety of groups using this color should help encourage you to use it too if that’s the color you choose. Although it is such a popular color for logos, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t for you. Even though all these logos use the same basic color, they are all different and unique. Most people have no problem distinguishing them from each other. Your logo can be among them, representing the world of green with one more lovely logo icon.


Different Types of Green in Green Logos

Because there are many different shades of green, you have a lot of different logos with green options to choose from. There are cool green logos that are bright, poppy, and flashy. This would include lime green logos such as Xbox or Spotify. There is also the neon green logo such as Sprite. Lime green and neon green do a great job at grabbing attention. They also work well if your group has some sort of connection to limes. Green and white logos are also fairly popular. Starbucks and Wholefoods are great examples of this. The colors work really well to complement each other, making the design look very nice. Some examples of nice dark green logos are Land Rover and Tic tac. This dark green color gives more of a natural feeling. Red and green logos are going to be some of the best combinations because red and green are on opposite ends of the color wheel. This allows them to play off each other nicely. Some examples of red and green logos are Papa John’s, 7 Eleven, Chilli’s, Quiznos, and Mountain Dew. Microsoft Edge and Google represent the combination of blue and green logos.


Use GraphicSprings to Create Your Green Logos

Green is a clever color choice for your logo design and not just for businesses operating in the environmental field. Our green logo templates are great examples of how nice this color looks for branding. With GraphicSprings, you can pick one of our templates of green logos and make custom changes or design your very own green logo from a blank page. We have many logo green circles to choose from. Our editor is easy to use and it won’t take more than a few minutes. Any of the green logos that you can think up, you can make. Whether that’s dark green logos or a logo with green circles.

To create your own logo with our logo maker only takes three steps. Traditional logo makers require fancy programs, expensive books and classes, and a lot of time on your hands. GraphicSprings provides a better alternative. First, enter the name of your company or group. If you don’t have a name finalized, don’t worry. You can always edit this part later in the process. Next, choose from our vast library of logo icons. Don’t worry if the icons don’t have the correct green color that you are wanting, you can edit this later. In order to pick your logo icon, you can either look through our many categories which include Agriculture, Cleaning & Maintenance, Computer, Education, Environment & Green, and much more, or you can use our search tool to find what you are looking for in a more direct way. Once you have your name and logo icon, you can begin editing. Our editing platform is easy to use and learn. You can edit the shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, orientations, and so much more of your design. This entire process only takes as long as you want it to. You can have your very own logo designed within minutes. Once you are done designing your green logo, you can decide if you want to keep it, and only then do you have to pay money. We offer many different package options for all your needs and financial ability. Our base package starts at $20 and provides a smile file of your logo. Every package after that gives you more content. Some packages offer social media covers, stationery design, editing capabilities, and different file types of your logo. You can choose what package works best for you.

Overall, green is a wonderful color that is represented on our Earth in many ways. It can be a great color to incorporate within your group no matter what you are trying to represent. Your logo is important and even more important, it needs to represent you well.


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