How to Design a Cover Page That’s Fabulous for Facebook

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When it comes to promoting a business online, just having a website won’t work. Yes, your website is and will always be the most important promotional medium for your business, but given the contemporary “social” craze, you have to ensure a solid business page on the social networking platforms as well. Talk about social media and the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook, the brightest star of the “social” world, bustling with the highest number of active users – over a billion. Thus, you can estimate the amazing viewership and exposure your business page is going to get while on Facebook! So let’s make sure your cover page is fabulous for Facebook.

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Now, when anybody visits your Facebook page, what’s the first thing that they are going to notice? Yes, the Facebook Cover Page of your business. Thus, it’s needless to mention that you need to have an attractive and impressive cover page. It’s like the header of your sales page or the title of an article. The cover page must be compelling enough to make people feel like delving further into your page. When a person visits your website, you just have 10 seconds to capture his attention and your cover page plays a crucial role here. If it’s not appealing enough, your visitor won’t bother to stay for long and your entire promotional effort would simply reduce to zero. It’s a busy world today where people only wait if something is captivating. The post below is all about the best tips on how to design a fabulous Facebook Cover Page.

1. Show but don’t tell. Your Facebook Cover Page is like a teaser for your business, so do not write the whole story. The rule is to give an attractive sneak-peek of your business page so that the audience is motivated to scroll down for the whole page. But then, don’t be ambiguous with your presentation as it can send a wrong message.

2. Cover photo must be in sync with the profile picture. Going with the current flow, the cover page must look like it’s a continuation of the profile picture. In simple words, there must be a proper synchronization between these two, otherwise, the entire thing would look disoriented. There should be a sense of oneness and harmony to strike the chord. To keep your profile updated and fresh it also helps to add seasonal elements to your your logo throughout the year. For example, you can use firework graphics for national holidays or add a winter background over Christmas.

3. Must represent your brand. This is one of the most important things when it comes to designing the Facebook Cover Page for your website. The cover page is the representative of your business and hence, must be in proper alignment to the very theme or ambiance of your brand. Otherwise, the cover page won’t look like it’s a part of your business.

4. Promote new products and events. As mentioned earlier, the cover page is the first thing that your audience is going to notice as soon as they visit your business page. People are always more attracted to deals, specials offers, and latest goodies. You can always use discounts and gift certificates as a promotional tool. So, one of the best tips to make your cover page more fabulous is to deck it up with the exciting information of your upcoming deals, offers, and new products.

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5. Be more visual. The famous quote, “a picture speaks a thousand words” holds true with your cover page as well. It’s better not to stuff the cover page with elaborate text as it might get confusing to your audience. Your focus should be more on the visual quotient and make sure that the text portion doesn’t cross 20% of the page.

6. Know Facebook guidelines. No matter how creative your cover page is, if it does not follow the Facebook guidelines, you can’t upload the cover page. So, make sure to follow the Facebook guidelines. Here are the 3 points that you should keep in mind: The cover page is public. The covers cannot be misleading, deceptive, or infringe any copyrights. You cannot encourage others to upload the cover page to their timeline. Follow the right dimensions with the cover picture: 828×315-pixels on desktop and 640×360-pixel on mobile.

7. Capture the holiday spirit. It would be good if you change your cover page as per the holiday moods so that your visitors can relate it to their current spirit. Thus, have a separate one for Christmas and one for Easter and so on. If you have a localized audience, make sure to give importance to the local festivities. It’s also a smart way to pull in the audience with your special festive deals.

8. High-quality image. This is another important tip to take care of when you are looking to score high with your Facebook cover page. The image used must be of high quality. It’s the first thing that your audience will see on the business page and any compromise with quality here would only send a wrong message about your business to the visitors.

9. Profile picture must not be overwhelming. In certain cases, the profile picture is so overwhelming that parts of the cover photo get hidden under it and it is really disturbing for a cover page. So, make sure it doesn’t happen with your cover page. All the important text or areas that you wish to highlight on the cover page must be clearly visible at one glance.

10. Put customers and fans on center stage. Did you just have a contest? Well, in that case, you can upload the picture and comments of your winner on the cover page. It will give a feeling that you value your customer, to have put them right on top of your business page. As you look for a loyal audience, your customers or fans too expect a good degree of loyalty from you.

11. Pinch of humor. Humor goes a long way to keeping one’s name etched on the mind. So, it would be great if you can add a pinch of humor on the cover page that will create a breezy feel overall. Research says that people respond better to humor than to most of the other emotions.

12. Include CTAs. The main intention of your facebook page is to inspire your visitors to be your customers and CTAs are a great way to motivate active action from your visitors. You can start it with your Facebook cover page. Keep it short and simple.

The Facebook cover page plays a great role in deciding the fate of your business page on the immensely popular social media platforms. Remember, since Facebook is used by almost every business out there, you will have your competitors too on this social world. So, needless to mention, the competition is sky-high. In such a situation, a few stunning examples of facebook templates can make a huge difference. These tips mentioned above are all tried and tested, as well as proven to achieve the desired high traffic. Additionally, it would be great if you can use your Facebook cover page to highlight the milestones achieved by your business. It could be an esteemed award or completion of a decade. And yes, you must make sure to know and learn all the Facebook guidelines related to the cover page to ensure that every step is according to the set regulations.

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