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When it comes to branding, color plays a huge part. Where would McDonald’s be if its golden arches weren’t their iconic yellow? How would YouTube have fared without its white and red play button design? These iconic designs and their colors are just part and parcel of the entire brand as a whole.

When brands choose color, psychology plays a big role. The chosen color or colors make people feel a particular way, even if it’s just on a subconscious level. Though it might not seem as though companies have put a lot of thought into their color combinations but the opposite is actually true.

With the most iconic brands out there, millions of dollars will have gone into the logo designs and a huge part of that time will have been on discussions surrounding the color.

So what can we take from this when it comes to designing our own logos?

Well, your brand’s logo has its roots in the color you choose. Is it a pink and yellow, pretty design or a bold, green and black one? The colors that you chose give a message to your customers and tell them exactly what to expect from your brand.

Now that we’ve delved a little into the inner workings of color psychology, let’s explore some of the colors that go good together best to inspire your branding. Where to find logo inspiration lists helpful resources to help you jump-start your branding vision.

What are the colors that go together best?

First things first, when it comes to choosing color, less is often more. For logos and branding, it’s much better to stick to one, two, or three colors in your logo. If you think about the large, successful brands, how many can you think of that use more than three colors? I bet you can name one – and it’s a big one – Google!

Big brands that only use one color in their logos

A large proportion of the most recognized global brands only use a single color in their logos – think Nike, Target, Volkswagen, Starbucks, and Apple. With a single color, you ensure the simplicity of your design.

Two-color logos

That said, many people prefer to use two colour combinations. This is seen as the industry standard for many logo makers. When using a two-color combination, brands often pick contrasting colors to make the logo eye-catching. Choosing colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel is the go-to for many. Here are some examples of good 2 color combinations in famous branding:

• The Los Angeles Lakers – yellow and purple

• The New York Knicks – blue and orange

• Heineken – red and green

By GraphicSprings.com

Tri-color logos

When companies try to be more creative, they might use three colors in their branding. If you choose three colors, it’s still a good idea to choose two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel then add in the third as a complementary color or a grayscale color. An alternative way of choosing three colors is to select three that would form a triangular shape on the color wheel. Here are some famous brands that use three colors in their logos:

• BMW – black, white, and blue

• Burger King – red, yellow, and blue

• Pepsi – red, white, and blue

• Mastercard – red, orange, yellow

By GraphicSprings.com

Colors that go together – pairing colors

If, like Heineken, you want to use two colors that go together for your logo branding. Here are some combinations you might want to consider.

1. Blue and yellow – authoritative and playful

Think blue and yellow, think IKEA. The colors behind the IKEA logo are confident and grab your attention. Of course, they were designed with the Swedish flag in mind but they’ve now become instantly recognizable as the colors of this furniture and homeware store.

By GraphicSprings.com

IKEAN HEX codes:



2. Teal and Navy – striking yet calming

If you want a striking look that’s also calming, choose teal and navy together. When combined, these two colors give off an essence of luxury. Think smooth milk chocolate with a cool glass of apple juice.

Hex code ideas for teal and navy:



3. Orange and Black – powerful

Just like a Black and Decker drill, orange and black together give off powerful vibes. This coloring has worked well for the Black and Decker brand, who even made their drills to match their branding!

By GraphicSprings.com

Hex codes for Black and Decker:



4. Peach and Maroon – tranquil and elegant

This is a unique pairing that looks great together. These colors aren’t often seen side by side, but they definitely work well. These colors are great for beauty brands or fashion. These are certainly 2 colors that look good together.

Possible Hex codes for peach and maroon:



5. Turquoise and dark purple – dependable and serene

Dark purple and turquoise are a great combination together. This pairing is great for high fashion and high-end cosmetics.

Possible hex codes:



6. Orange and navy – credible, entertaining

As we’ve mentioned with regards to the color wheel, opposites go well together. These complementary colors create a feeling of excitement and a bit of spontaneity.

Possible hex codes:



7. Blue-Gray and Sapphire – elegant and prosperous

While both colors are shades of blue, they’re great for an elegant and reassuring logo. These colors are great for brands that really want to be taken seriously.

Possible hex codes:



8. Chetwode blue and powder blue – inviting

Another two shades of blue that work really well together. These two colors are inviting and open and are well suited to boutiques, consulting, and spas.

Possible hex codes:



10. Brown and Beige – reliable and conservative

Brown isn’t used too often in logos so if you choose brown with a color that goes well, you’ll certainly stand out. These colors are great for fashion brands and interior design.

Possible hex codes:



11. Olive green and brown – natural and simple

Building on from the suggestion of brown, here is a natural color combination that would suit a gardening business or natural skincare brand.

Possible hex colors:



12. Turquoise and jungle green – open up

For an open, refreshing brand, these two colors are ideal. If you run a gardening business or something to do with the natural world, this combination is a great choice.

Possible hex colors:



13. Dark green and forest green – revitalizing

Another great color combination for natural brands is this forest green and dark green combo. The darker green paired with the lighter green gives an impression of new growth that is reminiscent of spring and summer.

Possible hex codes:



14. Burnt orange and cornflower blue – strength and balance

These complementary shades look great together. The punchy orange color paired with the cooler blue makes a brand look stylish and fresh.

Possible hex codes:



15. Deep peach and blue – sophisticated

This dynamic color combination oozes sophistication. The mix of warm and cool tones works for both traditional branding ideas and contemporary ones. This is one of the coolest color combinations.

Possible hex codes:



16. Deep blue and acidic green – unexpected

This color combination pair is unexpected and fresh. It draws attention and indicates a strong brand that dares to be different.

Possible hex codes:



17. Dark brown and sunflower – reliable vintage

Perhaps a throw-back to the 1970s, this pairing screams reliability and spontaneity. The warm yellow grabs the audience’s attention while the brown keeps it there.

Possible hex codes:



18. Apple green and royal blue – lively and vivid

Using royal blue on a professional logo is reassuring. Pairing it with apple green creates a striking and dramatic image. The result is a bright, trendy vibe that’s attention-grabbing.

Possible hex codes:



3 Color Combinations

It’s much more difficult to match three colors that go well together in a combination and not every choice will be a good one.

Generally speaking, two contrasting colors and a complementary color is the way forward – but you’ll see exceptions to that as well. Choosing 3 colors that go together is tough. To give an idea of what works and what doesn’t, take a look at these three color combinations that we love:

19. Dark brown, brown and beige – reliable and warming

Ideal for a cafe logo or coffee brand, these three colors combined are reliable and warming. It’s a comfortable logo color combination that everyone is drawn to.

Possible hex codes:




20. Green, yellow, and dark blue – wise and fun

With a buttery yellow, light green and a deep blue you have a playful color combination that is great for any business relying on turning heads with its logo.

Possible hex codes are:




21. Beige, turquoise, and dark blue – creative yet confident

With two tones of blue, you’ve got colors that reaffirm your brand’s trustworthiness. Combing these with a beige is reassuring. These are great colors for healthcare brands, life coaching, and travel.

Possible hex codes:




22. Yellow, red, and blue – radiant and bold

Sticking with shades of the primary colors, this color combination has worked for many brands we know and love. Try a different shade to find out what works for you.

Possible hex codes:




23. Maroon, hot pink, and light pink – innocent and friendly

For a logo that is approachable, choose a series of pinks. These different shades add aesthetic flare while giving your brand an innocent look. With marron added, the logo is given a level of professionalism.

Possible hex codes:




24. Beige, yellow, and navy – optimism and professionalism

Blue has been in a few of our suggestions – as has yellow – and for good reason. Blue is used the most in logos because of its professional look. Adding in a beige between the blue and yellow creates balance.

Possible hex codes:




25. Purple, green, and violet – creativity

This purple-blue is a cold and light blue that oozes creativity. It’s a great color choice to combine with a lighter purple and green.

Possible hex codes:




26. Brown and blue – wholesome and competent

As we said above, blue is such a popular color choice for logo makers. In this combination, we’re going for two blues and an almost yellow-brown to create a professional and humble-looking color scheme.

Possible hex codes:




27. Orange, tan, and brown – laid-back

Though many don’t realize, orange complements brown really well. Add a drop of tan to create a hipster, trendy look to attract a modern crowd.

Possible hex codes:




28. Grays and green – you mean business

The deep green creates harmony and adds balance to the seriousness of the two grays. This is a professional-looking combination that is welcoming.

Possible hex codes:




29. Two blues and a lilac – delicate

This color combination is ideal for wellness and lifestyle brands. With two blues and lilac, you’ve got a great balance to attract your audience.

Possible hex codes:




30. Blush, pink, and deep red – enticingly soft

With a deep, brown-toned red, blush and pink, this is an enticing color combination that has a certain softness to it.

Possible hex codes:




31. Deep gray, green-gray, and soft gray – timelessly dignified

Possible hex codes:




For brands wanting to create a serene and thought-provoking image, this is an excellent color combination. This is ideal for top hotels, museums, and art galleries.

32. Seafoam green, viola, and plum – relaxing and calm

If you’re after creating a brand logo that is calm and relaxing – think spas or wellness brands – then this combination is both calm and relaxing.

Possible hex codes:




33. Green, mustard, and brown – genuine and earthy

This earthy color combination would work really well for florists or cafes with a hipster, earthy vibe.

Possible hex codes:




34. Bone, brown coffee, and black – luxurious and reliable

For cozy, coffee cup vibes, these three colors are warm, inviting, and luxurious. Individually, they might seem a little boring but combined they’re a great look.

Possible hex codes:




35. Canary yellow, powder blue, and gray – modern and responsible

Use the gray as a dark background so that the colors really pop. Together, these colors are modern and create a trusting image for a business. Types of companies using this combination could be tech websites, architects, and real estate agents.

Possible hex codes




36. A trio of blues – elegant and prosperous

With three blues – light, medium, and dark – your brand will ooze prosperity and elegance. You really can’t go wrong with blues. They’re classy and elegant so why not combine three of them!

Possible hex codes:




Final thoughts

Your brand identity is really important and so are the colors you choose. When using a logo maker, consider your colors carefully and really think about what sort of impression they give and what they say about the brand. Consider the emotions your customers will feel when looking at the color combinations in your logo. With the best colors, your brand logo will create a connection with your potential audience.


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