Logo Design Software Programs for Non-designers

Whether you’re a beginner designing your first brand logo or tweaking an existing logo, you might be looking for logo design software that won’t break the bank. In our list of software logo makers, you’ll find you can get creative and produce a quality logo really easily. Even if you want to outsource your logo design, you might want to have a play around with logo creator software to get some ideas on what you’d like.

What is logo design software?

Logo design software programs allow people to create unique and professional business logos for social media, merchandise, business cards, websites, and much more. All you need for this is a non-slow device and a desire to create something creative.


There is loads of graphic design software out there that you can use to design a logo but for many businesses, you need something that allows you to create a logo based on vectors. With vectors, you can scale the image up and down without any changes to its clarity or sharpness. Other graphics files tend to become pixelated and blocky when you do this.

With the right software, even beginners can create professional and clean logos to convery their brand – and it’s a much cheaper way of getting it done since design agencies can charge a lot for this service. For small businesses, it makes sense to try and design your logo yourself.

What is included in logo design software?

Typically, you will find readymade templates with libraries of fonts, graphics, and icons. Typically, users can modify templates and change fonts and design elements. It’s usually possible to download logos in different sizes and styles for different business needs like social media icons, letterheads, and business cards, for example.

So, now you know what logo design software does, check out our list of 7 logo design software examples and start getting creative.

1. SoThink

By GraphicSprings.com

SoThink is an excellent logo design software that is unrivaled when it comes to choosing a color palette. This program allows users to add illustrations freehand so they can make their designs really unique. What’s more, creators can find thousands of readymade assets and designs to combine into their own logo to fit the brand identity.

While this logo design program does come at a cost ($59.99), there is a 30-day free trial available.


• SoThink provides the best color selections in the logo design software market. There is a huge amount of customization available as well as color correction.

• Users can add original touches to their designs with the many brush and pen tools for complete design freedom.

• The library of readymade designs is impressive and there are lots of assets like shapes and icons you can use and add for your new logo.

2. Logosmartz

Logosmartz has a huge library of logo designs and assets to assist everyone from beginner logo designers to entrepreneurs. There are more than 5000 different assets and 2000 readymade templates available to use. Using the logo editor is easy and users have lots of freedom when it comes to editing the finer points of a logo design.

You can try out Logosmartz free of charge or there are three paid options costing $39.95, $69.95, or $99.95. The price you pay depends on the tools and features you want in your package.


• A large collection of readymade designs and assets to help create a unique logo.

• You can add extra features like stationery makers and business card designs.

• There is a big range of customizability. Users can change the design of a readymade template as much as they want.


• It’s not possible to resize the interface, which means it can get overcrowded as you use multiple tools and menus at once.

• We found this logo designer software froze occasionally for a few seconds, which affected its performance.

• There have been some instances where users have found it difficult to get in touch with customer support representatives.

3. SummitSoft

By GraphicSprings.com

SummitSoft is an excellent package that really delivers when it comes to its library of expansion packs and vectors. There are thousands of modifiable and scalable assets as well as pen tools. You can also resize your images to create logos in different shapes and sizes. There are lots of special effects and colors so your logo will be exactly what you want as well as being unique.

The SummitSoft logo design software is available for $29.99 (for a month’s access) or $19.99 followed by $7.99/month of continued access.


• Over 6000 assets that you can mix and match from the start

• Over 2000 templates for anyone struggling to get started

• It’s possible to design, tweak and save your logo as you go


• Lots of the vectors available are rather generic and need a little retouching and editing to create visual impact

• It’s not exactly designed for beginners so can be a little tricky to start with

• The price is a little steep for smaller businesses.

4. LaughingBird

The LaughingBird logo creation software is great for anyone who needs to make a logo quickly and easily. It’s designed for beginners and is intuitive. There are some good add-ons like a business card maker, a section where you can create cartoon mascots, and a marketing materials creator. LaughingBird can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac and prices start from $37.00.


• Fast, simple logo creation that’s easy to get started with.

• 170 pre-made designs

• A drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to rearrange elements and add new ones

• Over 600 additional design assets can be purchased


• There isn’t a lot of editing for text so some wordmarks and fonts can look like they’re spaced a little awkwardly

• You can’t make your logo in a vector format (this is the most scalable type of logo format)

• There isn’t a lot of scope for creating original designs using different elements. Most options are templates.

5. AAA Logo Pro

By GraphicSprings.com

This is a design logo software that is ideal for beginners. It has a good range of assets with over 10,000 shapes and icons. The colors are limited, however. You can choose from 500 existing designs to help you create a logo faster. AAA Logo Pro costs $49.95 but there is a 30-day free trial.


• In terms of ease of use, this is one of the best. It has drag-and-drop editing and an intuitive interface.

• There are around 10,000 shapes and icons in the collection.

• It’s easy to resize the canvas to create letterheads and business cards, for example.


• The color palette isn’t the best.

• AAA Logo Maker software’s editing tools are a little limites and there isn’t a huge range of customization options.

• This logo software isn’t available for Mac users.

6. JetA Logo Creator

This is another program logo design creator tool that is easy to use. There is a big library of vector templates and shapes so it’s easy to develop a custom logo. It’s also possible to modify a logo as it’s easy to replace and change styles and shapes.

You can use a trial version of JetA Logo which gives you 400 vectors and many templates. With the full version, you have much more. It costs $49.95.


• With the paid version, you have more than 10,000 vectors and over 400 templates.

• You can search for templates with search terms like ‘entertainment’, ‘minimalist’, and ‘business’ etc.

• Colors, shapes, and images can be tweaked and created in a couple of clicks so you can customize your logo in a matter of seconds.


• This logo making software doesn’t have the modern and sleek aesthetic that you see in other programs to create logos, which makes it look a little outdated.

• Beginner logos can look cartoonish or amateur.

• The price-to-value ration isn’t as high as it is with other logo programs.

7. Inkscape

This logo design software is open-source. You can edit and use vector graphics and a huge range of tools to manipulate objects, which allows you to create really intricate designs. This software is great for beginners as they can create professional logos just as easily as the most advanced graphic designers. Being open-source, Inkscape is 100% free to use.


• This logo design software is exceptional value. It has a huge number of advanced features compared to other programs.

• The support team is excellent and carries out software updates and bug fixes regularly.

• This is a vector-based software for logo design program, which makes using it really straightforward.


• Because you’re working with high-resolution graphics, there are occasional crashes and lags.

• There is a steep learning curve for anyone who is unfamiliar with a vector-based program.

• The structure is a little unintuitive, which makes it harder to find different features and options.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to be a design expert to create your own professional logo. There are a lot of options when it comes to logo design software and even if you’re a beginner you can find logo designer software that are both free and accessible. It’s worth trying a few out (with free trials or an open-source program) to see how you find it. If something seems unintuitive, try another program. After all, designing your logo is a key part of developing your brand and business, and so you need to get it right away. Of course, we are partial and believe our online logo maker is the best choice for your logo needs. Try our logo maker right now and see how easy it is!

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