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When you think of the word emblem, what comes to mind? Some might define emblems as a more prestigious form of a symbol or icon. To others, it could mean a token or logo. What does emblems mean to you? To gain some understanding, continue reading to learn more about the definition of emblem and some classic examples of one. Then you are ready to making emblems on your own.

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What is an emblem? The Marriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as, “a picture with a motto or set of verses intended as a moral lesson/an object or the figure of an object symbolizing and suggesting another object or an idea/a symbolic object used as a heraldic device/a device, symbol, or figure adopted and used as an identifying mark.

The emblems meaning is so much more than a simple symbol. It uses an image and words to represent something greater than itself. Throughout history, families would have family crests that featured an image and words created into a design. This was an emblem representing their family. Their image, sometimes an animal, and their name represented not just who owned some land but generations of people who belong to a group and represent or follow certain ideals. Before there were family crests, knights used its precursor, the coat of arms, “The coat of arms, which was utilized initially by knights as a way of identifying themselves and setting themselves apart from soldier-enemies, could belong to a group of people or even a specific person,” Archives explains.

Another great example to demonstrate an emblem’s meaning is the Superman symbol. It represents Superman as a person, but it also represents his ideals and what he stands for. The letter S in the center and the design around it all come together to form his emblem. Looking at the emblem definition on, the website gives the example of an olive branch being an emblem of peace. Screenrant discusses how originally the Superman S simply stood for his name until the first and original movie featuring this hero. In Superman: The Movie, the S is described as Superman’s Kryptonian family crest. Today, the classic symbol is known more like just a logo for Superman, just as Batman’s symbol represents him

A lot of logos in today’s time currently follow the classic emblem system of pairing words with a graphic which makes the whole logo into a design. One logo that has been in use for many years and shows an emblem’s meaning well is the Red Cross logo. Put into place one hundred and fifty years ago, their emblem’s meaning is very important. Their official website states, “The emblem is a symbol of protection that international law gives to the wounded and sick, and those caring for them, in armed conflict. They convey to those fighting that they must not attack anyone or anything that displays these emblems.”

Another popular emblem that is used is the symbol that appears on ambulances and other medical items. What is this emblem? It is the staff with a snake around it which was known as the Rod or Staff of Aesculapius or Asklepios. This emblem was created to represent the staff of the ancient god of medicine who was known for his care and treatment of the unwell. Throughout the world, medical professionals use this emblem.

While some emblems are very well known, there are many other more subtle ones throughout the world. Just look around you. Everywhere, hidden in logos, in signs or displays, and more, emblems are used throughout our society. Representing businesses, clubs, churches, families, workforces, volunteer forces, and so many more people. The meaning of emblems is different and important to each and every person.

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Overall, what do emblems mean is something you can determine for yourself. You can create your own logo that holds a special message today and has an impactful piece of design. Our logo maker through GraphicSprings gives you the capabilities to show your own meaning of emblems through an easy to use and understand platform. Our logo maker makes designing your emblem a piece of cake. Simply follow the prompted steps. You’ll add your text, choose a graphic piece from thousands of categorized template options, and put them together. From there you can edit as you see fit. In no time you can have your very own emblem to show off.

The biggest thing when it comes to emblems is that they have meaning. So, as you begin to create your very own, put some thought into it. They can represent anything that you want them to. Throughout history, emblems have had a lot of meanings but the most important meaning to consider is what is the meaning of emblem to you? Once you discover this, you will be able to create your very own one of a kind easy emblems. Even if you are not so into having important meanings, our logo maker creates awesome logos as well.


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