Modern Santa Survey: Reimagining Tradition for Today’s World

We all imagine Santa as the bearded old man in his iconic white and red suit, black belt, matching boots and reindeer drawn sleigh. But what if Father Christmas was rebranded for today? What does modern Santa look like? At GraphicSprings our focus is on branding since we offer a logo maker and a custom logo design service. Whether you are looking for a photography logo, real estate logo, construction logo, or any other branding you can find a suitable design.

We asked people how they would modernise Santa. Based on the results, we’ve updated Santa’s winter wardrobe and transformed his transportation. In it, he ditches his iconic suit and adopts some skinny jeans, trainers, and a hover-board to name just a few. Find out what other popular suggestions were voted on in our Santa graphic below…


Respondents ranged from 18 to 65+ and were based in both the UK and US. We used Google surveys and gathered responses during October and November 2018. Suggestions on how to change Santa were gathered from an open survey of 400 respondents from both the UK and US. A selection of these suggestions were then voted on by over 4000 people across the UK and US, with the most popular visualised in our graphic.


The Power of Rebranding: Connecting with Today’s Audience

At GraphicSprings, we understand that branding is more than just design; it’s about storytelling and connection. The exercise of reimagining Santa underscores the importance of adapting to changing times while staying true to one’s roots. Just as we modernized Santa’s appearance without erasing his iconic features, businesses can revitalize their brand image while maintaining their core values.

Embrace the Spirit of Transformation: Try Logo Maker Today

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In Conclusion: Honoring Tradition, Embracing Change

In the ever-changing landscape of branding and design, the journey of modernizing Santa Claus serves as a reminder that evolution is essential. By fusing tradition with contemporary sensibilities, Santa’s new look showcases the power of rebranding in forging connections with today’s audience.

As you embark on your own branding journey, take inspiration from Santa’s transformation. Just as Santa’s updated appearance respects his legacy while embracing the present, your brand’s evolution can capture its essence while appealing to the modern world.