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Orange, the color of fall leaves, sunsets, caution signs, pumpkins, and more. It is an intense mixture of red and yellow. There are hundreds of named shades of orange that are used regularly by society.

10 Meanings of Color Orange: Symbolizes Excitement and Confidence –  CreativeBooster says that “Being in an atmosphere with orange walls or décor is thought to increase oxygen to the brain and encourage creativity and activate thought. Generally, people consider the color orange a warm, vibrant shade that exudes positivity and happiness.”

One of its parents, red, is more of a bright, bold standout color. Because of this, orange is often used as a cautionary color such as on road signs or on construction sites. While orange is a natural color found in nature, its shades are often not seen until fall, or when trees start reacting to colder weather.

The other parent of orange is yellow. Yellow is viewed as a very bright and warm color. Its bright hue is what lends orange the ability to be a warmer color as well. The strong red combined with the bright yellow creates a beautiful and warm orange.

Picking orange for a logo color is a bold move. It stands out but in a warm way. It is a way to draw attention to your design and your company. Some large and better-known companies that have orange in their logo are The Home Depot, Nike, Fanta, Nickelodeon, Mastercard, and more.

Knowing the orange color code is important if you want to recreate orange exactly. When you know the rgb code for orange or the orange hex color you can match the color exactly across all platforms. This is very important, especially if you choose to use a shade of orange in your logo. So once you decide on a shade, be sure to write down or save the orange color code so that you will have it to reference later.

For the original, exact shade of orange, the orange hex code is #ffa500. By using this hex orange value, you are able to find the exact shade and reuse it even when you change platforms. The same goes for the orange rgb value. The rgb values for orange are 255,165,0. You can also use this orange color code to find the exact shade.

The orange hex and the rgb for orange are just two different ways of representing the same shade of color. Using one or the other does not change what shade of color you are working with because they are just different ways of saying the same thing. If you decide to use a different shade of orange for your logo or other projects, you can find the color codes on the internet. Many different web pages have them listed and available. There are many shades of orange available. Take a look at the shade of oranges and compare them with any other colors you are interested in having in your logo. That should help you determine what shade works best. When you put two colors beside each other, it can be a lot easier to tell if they work well together or not. If you still need help to determine what color you want to use, you can ask a close friend or family member.

Now that you have your colors decided, you can begin to design your logo. Try sketching out some ideas that you have before moving to the computer. Being able to sketch down your ideas can help you end up with a great idea. Now that you have them sketched, you can pick one. If you are having trouble deciding, you can always ask a close friend or family member for some advice.

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You have your colors and you have your sketches, now it is time to make a logo. Many programs and other apps for designing are available for logo making. They are often expensive and require a lot of learning in order for you to successfully create a logo. Thankfully for you, and other designers out there, GraphicSprings provides another alternative. Our logo maker is easy-to-use and affordable. In just three simple steps with our logo maker, you will have a fully functional logo that is ready to use.

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