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Have you always wondered how to pair fonts like a pro? Learning what logo font combinations work best takes some practice. When done well, logos with two fonts can look really great, stand out, and leave a good impact on the viewer.

Typically, font pairings occur most often in forms of design other than logos. On web pages or brochures, you have your bold title in one font and your body text in another. Why do designers use different fonts? While reading the document, the change in font, and usually in font size, can help indicate that the reading or reading topic is changing. This can help make the transition smoother. This transition process is very rarely necessary in logos which is why having multiple fonts is uncommon. Logos that contain taglines often use different fonts for the two different texts. Some font combinations for logos look better than others. Because logos require that the fonts are very closely located, it can be easy to notice when the fonts just don’t work well together.

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Two things to keep in mind when discovering how to mix fonts for logos are that they need to contrast, and they need to look good together. Typically, using one serif font and one sans serif is the best option. If you don’t use contrasting fonts, there is really no point in having multiple fonts. The contrast is there for a reason. The different fonts place different emphasis on the words.

For example, if we had a company called Little Hearts Café and we wanted Little Hearts to have one font and Café to have the other, they need to be different enough from each other. It would be smart to pick a more exciting font, such as Curlz MT, for the Little Hearts, and a much simpler font, such as Garamond, for Café. The contrast allows Little Hearts to take the front stage, but viewers can still read Café in order to know what Little Hearts is. Making your more important font larger can also help viewers know what to look at first.

Always remember when learning how to pair fonts to make sure they look good together. If your font for Little Hearts clashes with your font for Café, your logo is not going to work. Fonts that look good together will always work better than fonts that don’t. If you aren’t sure if your fonts will look good together, type something out in each of the fonts and place them beside one another. While this is more about your opinion, so is all design. If you are worried about your choices and aren’t sure if they look good together, ask friends or family to take a look. If everyone agrees that they look good together, you are in the clear.

An example of a company that does a lot of great font pairings is Disney. Disney has some great designers. Looking at their work can help you get better at learning how to pair fonts like a pro. When representing or advertising a movie, they will have their Disney logo with the movie’s name underneath. The name is always specially designed, basically becoming the movie’s very own logo. The movie’s logo is always a different font and design than the Disney logo, and yet they work. The Disney logo is usually changed to match the color of the movie logo and the movie logo is always placed as the larger item to take the main spotlight.

Other than Disney, most font pairings occur with companies who want more than just their name represented in their logo. Bakeries, cafés, funeral homes, and other hometown businesses are the most likely to participate in font pairings.

There are many font pairing charts available on the internet. One great, free resource is the website Fontpair, built by Hayden Mills in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a site dedicated to providing free Google font pairs for your projects. On their website, they have examples of different fonts paired together as well as links for you to download the fonts yourself. Their examples help show how the fonts interact with one another and complement each other. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get font pairings sent to your inbox. Looking at Fontpair’s examples can help you get a feel for what fonts go together.

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