Royal Blue Majesty: Crafting Regal Logo Identities

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When planning and designing your new logo, you will have to decide what colors you would like to implement. One of the go to favorite colors for logos is blue. A few commercially well-known companies with logos that feature the color blue are Walmart, Lowes, Facebook, Twitter, Ford, and Pepsi. While there are many shades of blue, a fan favorite is the royal blue.

Royal Blue Color Meaning: The Color Royal Blue Symbolizes Empathy and  Dependability - Color Meanings

Canva discusses the history of royal blue. It is believed that royal blue was first created around 1810 for Queen Charolette. Because of this, royal blue has large ties to the British throne. Since it’s creation, it has come to be used for nearly everything. It is a very popular choice of color for clothing. Dresses, shoes, shirts, and more can all be found in this color. Many people also use royal blue to decorate with, using it as a wall color, accent piece, and more.

One of the reasons that royal blue is so popular is because of where it falls on the blue spectrum. Some blues are associated with sadness and depression. These shades are typically much darker, often getting very close to black and grey. Blue can also swing to the lighter side and have a much brighter appearance which is often associated with peacfulness. The royal blue color, however, is right in the middle. It is an incredibly vibrant shade of blue that pops but remains very solid.

When you are designing and you would like to use a specific color, always make sure to look it up using its color code. Every exact color has an exact code that goes with it to allow individuals to find it again. With so many colors, this is an easy way to keep them organized. While not every color has an indidival name, every color has a code. If you would like to use royal blue in the future, make sure to keep track of the royal blue color code. The royal blue hex code is #4169e1 and the royal blue cmyk is 71, 53, 0, 12. While there are many different types of codes, they will give you the same color across different platforms.

Another reason that people like this color so much is that there are a lot of colors that go with royal blue. Royal blue goes with many other blue colors. Try pairing a few together to see how they look. On the color wheel, blue and orange are opposites which means that they are complementary colors. Because of this, there are many orange colors that compliment royal blue. Some other colors that match royal blue are yellow, green, grey, white, and pink. Not all shades will match perfectly with royal blue. You will most likely have to do a little bit of experimenting to figure out what looks good. The best way to know what colors go with royal blue is to put them together and see if they look good. Try a few of these color combinations out to decide for yourself what matches with royal blue best.

Overall, royal blue is a great option for logos, as long as this color works with the impression that you are trying to display with your logo. Across all different types of businesses and groups, blue is a great color choice for a main or accent color. Once you decide on your color palette, you can start creating your logo.

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