Tagline Logos: Visual Storytelling with Catchy Slogans

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Tagline logos are a popular way to show consumers not just your logo but your message behind it. These logos with slogans, when done right, can appeal to your customer base and leave them with a catchphrase to remember you by. With GraphicSprings, you can create your very own tagline logo that represents your company or group best. With our logo maker, you can create your own logos with taglines. It is simple, easy, and affordable. Some great examples of company logo and slogan combinations are Mcdonald’s with their ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ slogan, Nike with their ‘Just Do It’ slogan, and California Milk Processor Board with their ‘got milk?’ slogan. For the majority of consumers, the taglines are very memorable and, in some cases, more impactful than just the company names. Putting a great tagline with your logo ensures that it will leave an impact on the audience.

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The prior examples were great for showing logos with taglines that were not directly related to each other except for being connected through the company. The ‘got milk?’ slogan was originally used as an advertising campaign. This tagline became so popular that they expanded the company on it. For Mcdonald’s, their golden arches logo is a separate entity from their tagline. Nike with its swish logo is the same. Other companies have logos with taglines that directly relate to each other such as Allstate’s ‘You’re in good hands’ tagline, Red Bull’s ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ tagline, and State Farm’s ‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there’ tagline. All of these logo slogan designs relate to one another or have the company name in both. While these are more repetitive, they are also easier to remember and make a connection between the two.

Before creating your own tagline logo, make sure to put plenty of thought into your tagline. It should be unique to your group while offering helpful information to your consumers. Whether you want to show what the product does, what the product is, or how the product should make the customer feel, it must stand out. People often use services that stick in their minds long after they were introduced. Consumers cannot use your product if they do not remember you. Make your tagline something worth remembering. Once you have a tagline ready, you can get started. Even if you aren’t fully sure about it, you can always edit your tagline later if you made your logo through GraphicSprings.

By using GraphicSprings, you too can have a great logo and slogan. Our logo maker does not require any prior design knowledge in order for you to create your own logos with taglines. You do not have to have a college degree or take expensive classes in order to make your design come to life. On the GraphicSprings website, click logo maker at the top right corner to get started. After scrolling through some of our examples and answers to popular questions, you can click Create Your Logo.

Creating your own tagline design just requires a few easy steps. First, enter your company or group name that you are creating the logo for. Then click Add a tagline. In that box, enter whatever tagline you would like. Once you are done with that, click Next to get to the Images. Here, you can go through our multitudes of images to choose from for your slogan logo. The images are broken down into many different categories that you can browse through or you can use the search feature to look for a specific image. Be sure to take as long as you need to choose your image. Once you have selected one, click Next to see your design. GraphicSprings will bring you to the editing feature of our program. Here you can add different shapes, symbols, or lines to your design. You can also edit the words, colors, and much more to your liking. Our easy-to-use platform is simple to understand and learn. Because of this, you can get the most out of your time by using the platform without having to learn it first.

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Once you are happy with your logo with tagline, you can download it. There are many different packages available at different price ranges. The basic packages start with high-resolution JPG options and go all the way to offering additional products such as Vector Files, Social Media Covers, Stationery Design, PSD files, and much more. Simply choose whatever package best suits your needs and go from there. Once you have paid for your logo, it is free to make future edits and redownload your logo.

If making your own logo with a tagline does not appeal to you, you can hire our custom logo design service to create a custom logo for you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. So, what are you waiting for? Start making your custom tagline logo with GraphicSprings today.


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