Teal Color Meaning and What it Represents

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The color teal is a beautiful combination of green and blue that is used for all sorts of things, whether clothing, electronics, or logos. While it is a pretty evenly split color between the two hues, people often associate it strongly with blue or green but not both. It was named after the Eurasian teal, a duck with a teal color around its eyes. While the teal color is not a primary color, its many shades are very popular and used a lot by the general public. Colors such as aquamarine and turquoise are considered shades of teal.

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Let’s talk about the teal color code what teal represents. When you want the exact teal color, use the hex code teal to get it. The teal hex code is #008080 and for the CMYK teal form, it is 100% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow, and 50% black. By using the teal hex color or other codes, you are ensuring that you get the exact color across all platforms. This is very beneficial but especially when dealing with logos. If you have a logo that uses teal and you need to transfer that logo or color to something else such as from a business card to a shirt, you want it to stay the same. Color codes are very helpful for this very reason.

According to color-meanings.com, the teal color meaning is characterized as such; “Shy, objective, earnest, and controlling, teal possesses many attributes. Some of its more unfavorable traits include being standoffish and vigilant. On a more positive note, teal is also accepting, supportive, and rational. As a whole, teal is a well-intentioned yet reserved color.” Color-meaings.com goes on to say that the color teal has the effects of calming, supporting, enlightening, and healing.

Teal symbolism is often associated with where it can be found in nature. The ocean, sky, and other water sources often have shades of teal in them. Because of this, the teal color is compared to the feeling of calmness.

When considering adding teal to your logo, take some time to determine what you want your logo to represent and make people feel. Your logo represents your company and is often people’s first impression of you. Make sure that the teal color meaning represents your company well and accurately. Some of the main positive attributes to keep in mind with teal color meaning are supportive, rational, calming, and healing.

Teal color combinations that work well are pairing teal with colors like whites, browns, and pinks. The very best way to determine what shade of color to pair with teal is to try it out. Seeing the colors together should create an immediate impact on you. If you think they look good together, then that is a good option. Pairing colors with teal that are too close to its shade will not work out as well.

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