Top 3 Locations to Find Logo Design Inspiration

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GraphicSprings makes it easy for you to create a logo but it is up to you to come up with the design concept after you have selected the graphics that you would like to use. To help form some creative thoughts, we are going to share the three top locations to find logo design inspiration. These three locations are logo inspiration websites, social media sites, and nature. These are the three best places to go for inspirational logos.

1. Logo Inspiration Websites

These five websites are great for gaining inspiration for logo references and seeing what the latest trends are for logos. Each one of these websites is a great logo design inspiration resource featuring many inspiring logotypes. Take a look at these logo inspiration websites:


1. Designspiration (

2. The Design Inspiration (

The websites Designspiration and The Design Inspiration handpick excellent logos along with graphic design logo inspiration and photography logos. We have paired them together because, on each website, each image is presented in a neat pictorial grid system, making the two sites very similar. Think of these sites like Pinterest for designers. Each of them has a great logo design inspiration gallery that you can scroll through. You can even filter logos by color and popularity! These sites are updated daily so be sure to check them early and often to help inspire your work! On Designspiration, individual people upload their own designs and can create different collections for others to view. You can go through the many images that they have by searching for what you are looking for. You can also go through collections that other users have created. Another option that Designspiration offers is for you to follow different people who upload. That way, if you enjoy the way a certain person designs, you can keep up with their latest works, similar to how social platforms act. On The Design Inspiration, the images are already split into different categories of logo design, illustration arts, website showcase, business cards design, typography inspirations, creative photos, patterns download, marketplace products, and poster designs. From these categories, you can narrow down your search to what you are wanting to be inspired by. You can also go through different collections of logos and other images or follow different content creators who publish on this site. Both of these websites are great logo resources that can be very helpful for inspiring the design of your own logo with their logo design inspiration. Keep reading to view our next recommendation.

3. Logospire (

The website Logospire is another excellent logo design site with lots of logo inspo. This site features user-submitted logos in a similar grid system. Logospire features a logo rating system that also fosters a great community of logo enthusiasts. While there is no good way to search through the logos, this website is a good logo reference site because it works more as a logo ideas website. Because of the voting system that members can use, this shows what logos people enjoy the most as well as what is common in the design industry. Keep reading to learn about a logo blog.


4. Webneel (

The website Webneel is a blog that frequently posts excellent logo designs and they are usually paired with a theme. If you are looking for logos that relate to a specific category such as music, love, cameras, or even dogs, you should definitely check out this blog! Webneel’s logo design blog allows you to scroll through their images and then click on articles to get more information. They have a whole subcategory dedicated to logo designs that is full of logotype inspiration. For more inspiration, you can view their numerous other blog posts on different article topics. Even though they feature articles, the articles are still picture-heavy with little heavy reading. This allows you to still get inspired even if you do not want to read much. Continue reading to view another great source of inspiration.

5. Inspirationfeed (

The website Inspirationfeed is another wonderful logo resource for your logo inspiration. This site contains blogs about all kinds of topics and has a category of logo blogs. While it depends on the article, most are very picture-heavy while others have more reading involved. Inspirationfeed also has a lot of other great resources to help free up your mind and get creative. They feature different categories for learning new information, improving your skills, providing digital assets, and other forms of inspiration.

All five of these websites are wonderful logo design resources that should help get all of your creative thoughts flowing. They all work on the basis of logo website inspiration and are designed to bring about the maximum amount of inspirations, logos, and more.


2. Social Media Logo Design Inspiration

If the logo design inspiration websites didn’t help boost your creativity, turn to social media for inspiration. There are a lot of great designers that have Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Once you find artists and designers whose material you like, make sure to follow them on your favorite platforms so that you can continually be inspired by their work. Active artists will consistently post work on these platforms, bringing you inspiration logotypes. Usually, these designers will also have their own websites where you can find their works collectively. These can be great logo websites, inspiration, and more for sparking your creativity. Be sure to check on them regularly as most designers will post their new work often. When they aren’t posting their own art pieces or works, they often post what inspires them. This can be helpful because chances are, if you enjoy their work, you will enjoy their inspirations as well.

Search for graphic designers on whatever platform you choose in order to find them. Platforms that are pictured based such as Pinterest or Instagram will provide the best results for logo design inspiration.


3. Logo Design Inspiration in Nature

A lot of designs are based on things in nature, including your favorite inspiring logos. The outdoors are full of many amazing things that are already created. From plants to animals to water to landscapes and more. Taking in these peaceful scenes can help you relax and get in a creative mood as well as give you new inspiration for your inspired logo. Staring at your computer screen can be very draining on your creativity. Take advance of the world outside your door and allow it to speak to your inner artist. Even the smallest bit of nature, such as a nature preserve, garden, or potted plant can help you reconnect to the Earth and gain some creative inspiration.

It is also a good idea to get input from your colleagues and friends about what they think of your logo and designs. After all, your logo should represent you and your business or group and no one knows you or your business like the people that are close to you! Ask them for ideas or have a brainstorming session. They might be able to come up with ideas that you never even thought of when you tell them some of your ideas. They might also have access to other great resource logos from designers they follow. The best part about getting input from other people is that they bring their own sources of inspiration to the table. Ask them where they get their inspiration from, it might surprise you what you can find. Coming together and sharing ideas is a great way to gain logo design inspiration.

Don’t wait! Get started on brainstorming ideas on logo inspiration sites! Make sure as you view these sites that you write down or take notes about what you liked. Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming and notes can help you keep everything straight. Make sure to take some time to think about what you have seen after looking at the other logo pieces. Don’t just consider what you liked. Consider why you liked it. That way, you will know what you might want to recreate in your own logo. When you have a design in mind and have been thoroughly inspired, come back to GraphicSprings’ logo maker to create your own logo for free.

It is simple and easy. Just enter your text and choose your graphic from our large library of icons. Then begin designing your own logo. Our platform is easy to use with great tools for editing your logo in any way you can think of. From editing colors, to rotating elements, changing sizes, and inserting drop shadows, anything you can think of, you can design. You don’t need expensive software or mastery editing skills. Creating a logo that is both inspiring and unique couldn’t be easier with GraphicSprings! Get started with our logo maker today! Overall, inspiration is everywhere and all around, you just have to take the initiative to find it and get inspired.


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