Tips for Creating an Overlapping Logo Design

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A main goal for any logo is to make it as interesting and representative as possible to catch people’s eyes and communicate your brand easily and effectively. One way to make your logo interesting is to use overlapping design elements. This will allow your logo to remain on top-of-mind and stand out from your competition. We have listed some tips on what elements you can use and what the benefits are for using them.


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Overlaps Add Depth to your LogoUsing an overlap technique makes it effortless to add depth and motion to your logo. Having depth in your logo allows it to pop out for a 3D effect. When there is depth to a logo, the idea of motion gets communicated, as well. This allows your logo to stand out and capture the attention of your target market. Using an overlapping technique can make a great difference.


This logo uses two simple arrows pointing towards the right. The darker red/orange arrow overlaps the lighter orange one. Depth and motion gets easily communicated here. This icon will stands out and look interesting when additional elements are added for a specific business.

Overlapping Objects Add Interest and DiversityTo make your logo more interesting to look at and to add a bit of variety, overlapping objects can help you accomplish that. Overlapping objects makes it interesting but does not make it distracting. When you overlap and link elements in your logo together, there is a union. When color is added, more diversity gets added, which makes your logo comes together really nicely.

This logo creates action and visual movement by adding diversity of shapes overlapping each other. The strategic use of color pulls everything together and makes it a unified logo, instead of 3 unrelated elements forced together.

Overlapping logo design is a trend that has been around for a few years now, but it is still effective and relevant for 2014. Take a dabble at creating your own logo with our logo maker. If you want to create a brand image for your own business, we have thousands of logos for you to choose from.


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