Create Beautiful Cover Letters and Other Letter Design With GraphicSprings

A cover letter is just as important as a resume and deserves equal amount attention. Not just in terms of content but design as well. Competing with countless others you want to make sure your cover letter stands out. Or your sales, acknowledgement, order letters or any different kind. With GraphicSprings you can create beautiful letter and cover letter design in just a few minutes. Get started with your design today.

How to Edit Our Letter Templates

Designing or editing letter templates is incredibly easy with our DIY letter template editor. In a matter of just a few minutes you can turn your plain letter into a stunning visual piece. Once you have your content ready simply use our letter maker and play around with the design until you are happy. Follow these steps to get your letter done today.

  1. Click one of the “Create a Letter” buttons
  2. Complete our onboarding and browse our database of professionally designed letter templates
  3. Once you added your content change the colors, design patterns, fonts, effects and more
  4. Download your letter design and submit your cover letter, sales letter or promotional lettter

Why Our Users Love Our Letter Maker

The two main reasons why our users keep coming back to create more letters is our easy design editor and our large database of letter templates. It only takes a few minutes to create a beautiful design and our tool is absolutely free. Try it today!

By GraphicSprings.com