Founders Funding And Exit Ranking Usa

The study focuses on the Universities with the largest number of alumni entrepreneurs that received funding or had an exit in the past 12 months.

At GraphicSprings, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses start their branding process. We’re forever curious about the origins of innovation, so we decided to conduct a study which pinpoints where the founders of successful companies have come from by examining the alma mater of its founders.

This study was no easy feat, as the research examined over 5,000 funding announcements, mergers and IPO exits from the last 12 months. To gain an insight into the journey these entrepreneurs have taken, we traced their lineage back to which university they studied at, if at all, and which previous consulting companies that they have worked for. We then dissected all of this data to reveal the top universities and top companies for entrepreneurial incubation.

Demographics for Entrepreneurs Funded or with an Exit in the past 12 Months


Below there are two tables which reveal the universities which have generated the most funding and exits. Underneath that, you can find a list of all the funding announcements where the amount was made public in the last 12 months.

Total Raised by Alma Mater

Alma Mater Funds Raised Exit Value
# University

Total Raised

Total Graduates in past 12 mth.


# Funded Graduates in past 12 mth.

Total Exit



# Graduates with an Exit in past 12 mth.


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Universities That Graduated Women Entrepreneurs

  Personal information Exit – Funding
Date Business City Country Funding IPO Other
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Universities That Graduated Women Entrepreneurs

University State Capital Raised IPO Total raised
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The study is based on US companies only, and only with those transactions that had an amount released to the public. Sources: Fortune term sheet, TechCrunch, Press releases from all companies listed, Bloomberg private company information, linkedIn and Crunchbase.

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