Logo Inspiration

Big Brand Logo Examples for Your Inspiration

When designing your own logo or ordering a custom design it’s good to look at some logo examples for inspiration before initiating the process. You can find countless lists of logo examples online, even narrowed down by the type of design, that will give you a great starting point with some logo inspirational ideas. The key to memorable and professional logo design is keeping things simple. Remember to keep this key in mind when looking at inspiration logotypes. What you will notice when looking at Fortune 500 company logos, or branding of other large corporations, is that they pretty much all follow that rule. They do so for a good reason.

To help you illustrate our point we asked our designers to round up their favorite big brand logos. These logo examples show that just because you can add lots of effects and complications to your logo, you do not have to. There is a time and place and you really can’t go wrong by keeping it simple. If it works for Apple, Amazon, and GM it will most likely work for your brand too.

The logo inspiration that our designers rounded up was for Amazon, AT&T, GM, Walmart, Nike, and Apple. Next, we will discuss what makes each of these logos successful. The Apple logo should provide some great logo design inspiration. This logo is strong enough as a design that it does not require words in order for viewers to identify it. It is solid and one color, allowing that color to change based upon what merchandise it is on. Its apple shape is made obviously clear through the use of the single leaf and the bite shape taken from the side. The leaf also helps complete the right side of the apple, so the missing bite does not make the design lopsided. This is a great logo to use for your logo design inspiration.

The Nike logo is also great for inspiring logotypes. While the swoosh shape and the name con be seen alone, they are typically together. They also follow the simple solid, one-color rule. Their name is bold, in all caps, and with a slight tilt to balance out the swoosh that it appears above. The swoosh or checkmark shape is a simple shape that connects with the name at the letter E, uniting the whole design.

All of the rest of the logos stick with two solid color options, keeping it simple. Looking at these should help with your logo designs, inspiration abounds. The Walmart logo is a simple blue. They have the first letter capitalized and the rest under-cased. Their font is a simple san serif. Their starburst graphic is simple with the rounded dashes replicated six times in a circle.

GM uses solid blue and white colors for its logo. The box shape of the blue is reemphasized by the box shape of the GM letters. The solid dash underneath the letters helps to even out the center as well as make the whole piece feel more grounded, and drawing your eye to the bottom of the letters.

The Amazon logo uses a solid black and orange to complete its look. The entire name is in a lowercase, rounded font. The only change is that the bottom of the letter z curves inward to accommodate for the curved arrow. This allows the arrow to be even closer to the name, making it feel like one unit, while not touching each other which could create tension. The arrow is created with two simple curved shapes.

Last is the AT&T logo. This is the only one of our example logos that utilize negative space to create a third color in their design. The AT&T name is in solid black. All the letters are capitalized, and the ampersand matches the height and thickness of the letters. The globe shape, however, is created using an illusion. The six blue curved shapes, varying in size, create the impression that there are white stripes circling a blue globe. In this way, the logo keeps things simple with only two colors but uses the background to sneak a third illusion of color in. This is a very clever design and should be very logo inspiring.

Ready to Design Your Own Logo?

Hopefully, our examples have given you some logo-inspired designs of your own. With GraphicSprings you have the option to design your own logo or order a custom design. Whichever route you take keep the logo examples above in mind. If you choose to create your own logo, our easy-to-use logo maker is super user-friendly and simple. In three steps, you too can have an amazing logo thanks for our popular logo maker. For the first step, simply enter your name or the name of your company, business, or group that the logo is for. The second step is to choose from our thousands of graphic options. Scroll through our many categories or use our search bar to find an image that works for you. The last step is to design. You can edit and modify the colors, size, rotation, font, and more of your name and image. Make good use out of the simple is best rule and put your logo inspirations to use. Always remember to keep your eyes open, there is graphic design logo inspiration all around us.