Student Entrepreneur Initiative

Are you a Student Entrepreneur? Are you looking to start a business and need help getting started? Well look no further. Here at GraphicSprings we understand the struggle of starting a business on a student budget. We also have a passion for helping young people around the world start their entrepreneurial journey. This is why we launched a initiative to provide new or existing student founded businesses with free logo design services. We have already worked with a large number of ambitious students looking to change the world. Check out some of the featured start-ups below:


Our Process

We aim to help every student in need of branding or logo design and have a team dedicated to taking on new projects. In order to get started please click on the link below and contact us. We ask all of our applicants to tell us about their idea, personal background and previous business experience. You can also contact me personally for more information at [email protected].

If you are interested in our GraphicSprings Women Entrepreneur Initiative (GWEI) visit this page.