30 Top Resources For Online Business Women

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If you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve come to the right place. But don’t worry, if you’re just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for online business women.

Business ownership is hard and the the road is long. However, if you have the grit, determination, and motivation to persevere, the rewards of owning a successful company are second-to-none. To help you achieve everything you want in your life and business, we’ve put together a list of the top 30 resourcess for female entrepreneurs. Each platform will give you the tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration necessary to become a successful female entrepreneur:

1. The Boss Network – The Boss Network is a community network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women. The goal of the community platform is to provide support to its members through things such as conversation, in person networking, and online networking. The major benefit of The Boss Network is the official Boss Blog. The blog provides female entrepreneurs and business women with the information and strategies they need to make their businesses successful.

2. Female Entrepreneur Association – The Female Entrepreneur Association is a website, that similar to Young Women Entrepreneurs, seeks to empower female entrepreneurs by giving them greater perspective on running a business. The website looks to help women turn ideas into opportunities, and then turning those opportunities into successful businesses. The website’s blog gives consistent doses of inspiration and motivation, and every Monday it runs a “Motivational Monday,” packed with success stories focused on the female entrepreneur.

3. Change The Ratio – Change The Ratio is a Tumblr blog dedicated to empowering women and provide them with the tools and resources needed to be successful in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments. The purpose of the Tumblr blog, according to Change The Ratio itself, is to increase visibility on the disparity between men and women in the workforce. By pointing out these deficiencies and providing helpful alternatives, the blog believes that opportunities are created. The content is predominantly inspirational and often features updates on women’s business events.

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4. Women Presidents’ Organization – The Women Presidents’ Organization is an online resource that helps entrepreneurial-minded women meet and connect with each other. The entire purpose of the website and organization is to find female entrepreneurs and aspiring business women and then connect them with their counterpart across the globe. The company provides both online and in-person resources and also hosts various conferences on business and entrepreneurship.

5. Chic CEO – Chic CEO takes its function from its name, or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, this website is an informational resource aimed at women who are interested in entrepreneurship. The platform is comprised of a podcast, a blog, business plan advice and templates, and a three-day course on starting a business. All of these things provide women with the information and background needed to take the initial step into the entrepreneurial realm. The types of topics that are covered by Chic CEO include such things as patents, copyright legalities, patents and intellectual property, and starting or running a franchise. The website is focused on downloadable tools that help women entrepreneurs.

6. Savor the Success – Savor the Success isn’t just good advice, it’s also a premium network that’s been created especially for female entrepreneurs. The goal of the website and platform is to provide women business owners with PR and networking opportunities that help them accelerate their businesses and achieve the success they want. The company acts as both an informational site with a blog, as well as a business coaching service for female entrepreneurs. Further, Savor the Success creates inspiring events for business growth.

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7. The Daily Muse – The Daily Muse is a career advice website that delivers engaging insights to people of all business levels, women included. In fact, the Daily Muse is the content portion of The Muse, which operates as a platform that connects job seekers with job hunters. However, while The Muse does offer career coaching, women entrepreneurs often seek fast-paced information sharing that can help them succeed in a changing environment. Therefore, The Daily Muse, with its quality content, tools, and skills development programs, is great for female business owners. The Daily Muse can be thought of as a self-improvement website for the entrepreneurial-minded.

8. The Founding Moms – The Founding Moms is a blog and online content resource started by Jill Salzman, an entrepreneur herself. Jill began her working career as a lawyer and founded Paperwork, a music management firm, and then started Bumble Brand LLC, an audible ankle wear company for newborn children. After her two initial entrepreneurial successes, she launched The Founding Moms, an offline meetup group for mother entrepreneurs all over the world. The blog turned platform serves as a tool that allows female entrepreneurs connect, exchange ideas, and learn from each others’ successes and failures. However, Jill’s best resource might be the “Founding Kit,” a paid resource for first-time founders and existing business owners. The kit helps with everything from web design to insurance premiums.

9. Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global – Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global, as its name suggests, is an organization that focuses on the growth of female entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2008 and recently became a nonprofit organization with the goal of introducing female-run companies to the world. Similar to the other resources, the website aims to empower women, and the site has grown to service 200 million female users.

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10. InPower Women – The company InPower Women is made up of an online platform of tools and resources for women who seek to accelerate their careers on their own terms. The company is focused on helping women succeed in the entrepreneurial space as well as in the corporate environment, and provides women with blogs, research, and advice to help them accelerate their businesses and their careers. InPower Women is owned by InPower Coaching, and its overall goal is to provide women with personal power over their lives. They desire to work toward a time when the workplace is an environment that allows every employee and business owner to contribute and excel.

11. Ladies Who Launch – It should come as no surprise that Ladies Who Launch is a website geared toward women who’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. The online resource is made for any woman at any stage in her entrepreneurial path. The website has tips, tricks, and resources for starting a business, growing the company, and successfully running that organization into the long-term. Ladies Who Launch was created by Victoria Colligan, and it started as a simple blog that provided female entrepreneurs with advice and inspiration to continue their business journey. From there, the website grew to a network of almost 100,000 women, and it now hosts live events, business workshops, and expert advice.

12. Women 2.0 – Women 2.0 is an online content generator that posts and promotes daily content on women in technology. The stated mission of Women 2.0 is to increase the number of female founders of technology startups. The company tries to do this by providing women with inspiration, information, and education on the technology industry, the startup environment, and the state of the woman in the workplace. The website, in addition to articles that help female entrepreneurs succeed, also has a job board and schedules regular events, such as its infamous Founders Friday. This website is incredibly valuable for any female looking to break into the tech industry and excel as a business owner.

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13. Women Entrepreneur – Similar to Entrepreneur Magazine’s online publication, Women Entrepreneur is the female arm of the Entrepreneur franchise and is a resource website geared toward current and aspiring female business owners. In fact, Women Entrepreneur simply takes all of the relevant articles posted on Entrepreneur.com, as well as commissions their own pieces, and displays them as a news feed for its female readership. The types of pieces that are found on Women Entrepreneur include such things as in-depth profile pieces, business success stories, as well as current advice on funding and growing a business. Women can, of course, also peruse the parent site, Entrepreneur.com, for even more insights on business growth and company development.

14. 20 Nothings – Whether you’re a Millennial or far from it, chances are you’ll want to read Jessie Rosen’s blog, 20 Nothings. Rosen, who recently turned 30, has provided females with tips on life for over nine year., Female entrepreneurs should read Rosen’s words if for nothing more than the funny anecdotes and real-life stories. However, many of Rosen’s articles touch on life advice that all female entrepreneurs should heed. Topics include such things as love, work, self, travel, and even sex. Hey, even the most dedicated business women need to take a little time for themselves. The 20 Nothings blog by Jessie Rosen will help you relax as much as it will help you gain insight into the world in which we all live.

15. Young Women Entrepreneurs Club – Of course, this resource is geared toward young, up and coming female entrepreneurs. However, Young Women Entrepreneurs Club wants every woman to live a fulfilling life and provides content and information on how to become a successful business owner. The platform connects women all around the world and helps them create successful business plans through inspiration and motivation. The motto of the company is that “if you can dream it, you can do it,” and it therefore empowers its readers with a robust blog and additional coaching services.

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16. BlogHer – BlogHer is an online information resource geared toward women in the workplace. Owned by SheKnows Media, the blog’s sole purpose is to empower and inspire women, helping females at all business levels succeed in the best way they know. The company boasts an online platform that has over 79 million unique visitors and over 292 million social media fans across its social media networks. The company’s other websites include SheKnows.com, HelloFlo.com, and StyleCaster.com, among others. However, BlogHer is perfect for female entrepreneurs in that it provides such online content as live pitches given by female business owners to potential investors. A great resource for any women at each step along their entrepreneurial path.

17. City Girl Confidence – City Girl Confidence is a blog by Grace Kelly that provides female entrepreneurs with articles and resources that help rejuvenate careers, allowing women to attain greater levels of wealth and success than they ever thought. Kelly is a success coach for entrepreneurs and seeks to provide women with confidence and empowerment, allowing them to achieve all they want in life. The aim of the blog is to help females achieve the career they desire – whether that career be in the corporate environment or the entrepreneurial realm – and design lives that they want and deserve. This provides female entrepreneurs with advice and inspiration on how to navigate the business environment.

18. The Middle Finger Project – The Middle Finger Project, as its name implies, is an online resource that tries to help women who look to do things differently than what’s been conventionally done. The website was started as a blog by Ash Amber and has since grown to an informational resource on escaping the 9 – 5 for all women. The platform includes business and life workshops as well as lessons such as effective copywriting, successful sales calls, and how to remain confident and inspired.

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19. The Forte Foundation – The Forte Foundation is a website built through a collaborative effort between industry-leading corporations and top business schools. The goal of the foundation and its site is to help talented women excel in business and their careers. The foundation offers advice, resources, and help to women who are pre-MBA, currently taking their MBA, and even those who are deep into their careers. The website includes its business 360 blog, which provides females with relevant and poignant articles on starting a business, running a business, and becoming successful in their careers. For example, the foundation awarded a woman $10,000 for successfully pitching the business plan for a meaningful startup.

20. Corporette – If you’re worried about how to present yourself in a potential investor pitch or during a client meeting, look no further than Corporette. The website serves as an online community for women in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Corporette promotes fashion, lifestyle, and career advice geared toward women in the workplace. The website was started as a blog by Kat Griffin, and she now serves the growing business as its publisher and editor-in-chief. Griffin holds degrees in both journalism and law and uses her wealth of skills and experiences to help women all along the entrepreneurial path. Before Corporette, she served as a litigator and staff attorney. She has a husband and two sons.

21. Business Chicks – Business Chicks is an Australian run website that creates a community of female entrepreneurs who can support and uplift each other. The purpose is to help women create and build businesses that work for the greater good. It has a paid membership site as well as a blog and event meetups. Overall, the online resource provides encouragement and inspiration for those women who are starting out in their entrepreneurial career and need a helpful nudge in the right direction.

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22. The Daily Worth – The Daily Worth is a personal finance and business blog and online resource geared toward women in the workplace. The website is updated daily with tips, tips, and advice that helps women with money. This is incredibly important for female entrepreneurs since like all business people, they’ll face a bumpy road of ups and downs ahead. Keeping tight personal finances allows an entrepreneur to extend the runway of their business and achieve future success. Such resources promoted on the site include information on starting a business and even freelancing as a consultant. The site also helps women with negotiation skills, networking, and work-life balance.

23. Generation Meh – Generation Meh is a blog focused on providing practical tips, tricks, advice, and guidance for twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who seek to escape the 9 to 5 corporate grind. The blog was started by ForbesWomen contributor J. Maureen Henderson, and gives Millennial women practical ways to shun the corporate lifestyle and embrace the entrepreneurial or freelancing way of life. Henderson describes herself as the blog’s CEO (Chief Eye Rolling Officer) and actively seeks to promote skepticism of the American dream we’ve all been sold. Specifically, the website tries to help slackers self-actualize and take the first step toward their dreams.

24. Girls Who Code – Ok, so this resource may only seem beneficial if you want to code a technology product yourself, but I promise you it is important for any female entrepreneur operating in this tech-driven world. Girls Who Code is an online, non-accredited school that helps females learn how to code. The intention of the website is to provide computer science education to 1 million women by 2020, thereby closing the gender gap in the business environment. The website offers programs, lessons, clubs, and networking opportunities to high school girls, among others. It’s never too early to start learning how to code your way into entrepreneurship!

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25. Home-Based Working Moms – Home-Based Working Moms is an online community made for women who are work-from-home moms. Specifically, the website is geared toward entrepreneurial females and freelancers who juggle the task of managing a home and a business. The website provides women with the tools necessary to start a home business, including things like a beginners guide to selling and how to retire early without hitting the lottery. Home-Based Working Moms also operates as a forum for female entrepreneurs and business owners, allowing them to network and connect, building their support systems as well as their businesses. The company was founded by Leslie Spencer Plye in 1995 after the birth of her first child.

26. I Want Her Job – While I Want Her Job might not actually get you “her” job, but it’ll provide you with advice and resources on both life and business. The front of the website is divided into two categories: Meet the Women Changing the Face of Business and Find Inspiration for Balancing Your Family, Home and Health. The website is an award-winning publication that features daily conversations geared for independent-thinking women who seek to take control design their own lives through business and entrepreneurship. The company fosters a love of learning, curiosity, and desire to succeed among each of its readers. It’s main readers are career-minded females.

27. Modern Mom – Modern Mom is a multi-tasking website specifically for mothers who are seeking a fresh perspective on motherhood and how to be successful as a modern mom. The website provides informational resources that encompass parenting, relationships, healthy living, and yes, business and career. The platform also provides commentary on the technology that can help simplify a mother’s life. The website was founded by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt. Both women have been very successful in their own careers as celebrities and business owners and take a careful approach when providing information to mothers.

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28. Emily Bennington – The blog with the apt title “grace” is the loving work of Emily Bennington, found at her personal URL address. Bennington is the well-known author of Who Says It’s A Man’s World: The Girls Guide to Corporate Domination, and acts as a leadership coach for women who want to break out in their careers. Specifically, Bennington helps female business owners with such things as mindful leadership, emotional intelligence (EQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ), and effective communication. All of these skills are an integral part of entrepreneurial success, and women are provided with articles and coaching sessions on how to sharpen each one of those skills. Overall, confidence is raised so business ventures can be chased with fervor.

29. National Association of Professional Women – The National Association of Professional Women is a nationally-funded resource and networking platform for business women and provides them with podcasts, webinars, seminars, and tools that help with business and career growth. In addition to the advice and other resources, the website also provides career services, such as counseling and job hunting, for those women who still might want to spend a year in a corporate environment before turning their side business into a full-time venture.

30. Go Girl Finance – Go Girl Finance, much like some of the resources listed above, has a function that’s synonymous with its name. The company also looks to empower female entrepreneurs, but rather than trying to inspire alone, the website offers specific advice, such as in regards to business insurance, personal budgeting, investing, and other types of finance-related needs. The website is broken down into four segments: Lifestyle, career, entrepreneurship, and money.

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