Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

“Women-led companies have received only 7% of all venture capital funding in the United States.”

About Us The GraphicSprings Women Entrepreneur Initiative (GWEI) recognizes the crucial role women entrepreneurs play in creating growth in the economy and paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing talented women with the resources and services needed to launch a successful business. Since the launch of this initiative we have worked with a number of exciting women-led companies that are ready to disrupt industries.

Our Objectives

  • Make free logo design services available to ambitious women entrepreneurs.
  • Help bootstrapping women launch their businesses with a strong brand.
  • Inspire women entrepreneurs and initiate a new generation of start-ups.
  • Fix the entrepreneurial gender gap.
  • Diversify the business and start-up culture.
  • Help women overcome the challenges they face in business.

GraphicSprings provides a logo maker for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Try our logo maker today.

How does it work?

To get started please contact us (REF: GWEI) and provide some information about your business and your professional background. Our team will contact you during the review process and the selected businesses will be notified by the project manager. Although we are not able to handle every request we will be sure to provide all the help available.

We want you to succeed and would love to hear about your venture!