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First, select one of our designs. We have thousands of designs to choose from to help you make your own icon. Look through the categories and select a few that you like in order to look further into them. Within each category, we have many different graphic options. Remember, when choosing your logo graphic, it should represent the business or group that you are making a logo or icon for. This could mean it has a connection to your name or what service you provide. It could also represent your mascot.

The best part about using GraphicSprings logo maker as your custom icon maker is that each design that we have provided is a perfectly designed template, right at your disposal. Our own artists have worked to create something that your company can be proud of. We do the hard work for you so that you can have your ideal logo as easily as possible. Some programs out there require you to have a lot of knowledge in order to make your icon. Having knowledge of the elements of design such as shape, color, and size is very helpful with programs like this. You almost need an art degree in order to create a great logo or graphic. However, by using our templates on GraphicSprings, you do not need to know any of that. Our creators have already thought about all of that for you and have curated perfect icons for you to edit to your own liking.

When figuring out how to make your own icon, the steps are super easy when you use our site icon maker. Once you have chosen a graphic from our many categories, you get to edit it to your liking. On our editing platform, users like you are able to learn the program easily, giving you ample time to create. Unlike some programs that require you to take a class to learn them, our icon maker helps you make your own icons without requiring hours of learning first. Simply select the preferred tools and make revisions as needed by changing whatever you would like on the template. You can edit the size, color, rotation, and more of your icon while using the template editor. Once you are happy with your design share it with friends or family for feedback or download it instantly.

GraphicSprings is the best icons maker, free of charge too. With our program, you no longer have to stress about wanting a professional logo or graphic but being unable to get it because of resources or costs. You can make one yourself using our easy to use platform. Take as much or as little time as you need to create and to design your very own icon. As soon as you are ready, choose from our download options and then display your very own icon with pride. So, hop on our logo maker and take a look at our selection of graphics. Soon enough, you will be proudly displaying your own.

Most common questions

If you have any questions or concerns that haven’t been addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you.

Do I need any design experience to generate Icon logos?

No, design experience is not required to use the GraphicSprings logo maker. It is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals without design skills or experience. It’s free to try so give it a go.

We offer multiple high-resolution logo file formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, and vector. 

Do I own the rights to use my Icon logo design for my business?

Yes. We’ll transfer all of the rights of the design to you.

Can I see more Icon logo ideas for inspiration?

We offer a large database of templates. Once you try out some of our design ideas you’ll surely be inspired.